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Farage: Xi Jinping 'could be a force for good' over Putin


Former leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage joins Martha MacCallum in London to break down statements made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the war in Ukraine on ‘The Story.'

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Date: September 16, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Farage: Xi Jinping 'could be a force for good' over Putin

  1. Anyone who thinks that Ukraine is winning the war it can win the war is a pure lunatic and the worst enemy of Ukraine. But unfortunately that is the vast majority of people in the west. Such a bad sense of judgment to assume that a snail that is thrown into a fire is going to out the fire because it is releasing water into the fire

  2. A proven tactic for a struggling leader is to start and win a war to strengthen their position, maybe behind closed doors Putin has been in trouble for a while and this is his last attempt to strengthen his position and it’s a gamble that isn’t paying off.

  3. arm the Ukrainians even more and make em putins worst nightmare..and yes that's what um saying it's obvious Russia military has a lot of soldiers that don't want to fight..and there must be a good reason

  4. Xi is using and playing Putin for all the cheap resources he can get his hands on. It's in China's favor, that Putin is desperate, because they will get the better deal in trade. I'm surprised that China hasn't invaded Russia, since they are so weak from conducting special military operations and would be easy pickings.

  5. Farange is so dissappointing here….he keeps repeating the mantra of the currupt media. No thousands of Russian soldiers were killed, they just retreated to terminate the occupation of Donbass. Ukraine will face a major defeat in the upcoming months. Inflation in Russia is gradually sinking and rouble is the strongest currency today. and those ludicrous comments about Putin's physic… so tired of those russophobs who are not ready to assume the new reality, so typical British

  6. One thing is for sure we certainly couldn't count on senile ole joe doing anything competently militairly if china attacked Taiwan, no more so than the UK apparently, ole Nigel ole boy, but together, china and russia have a GDP about 1 /3rd of that of the west. If the US couldn't count on the UK or the rest of Europe to help protect Taiwan in an all out military battle, the west would win in the end on an economic front.

    Just like russia is in dire straights alienating itself from the civilized world,… china would also fall to the same fate.

    Its economy is already collapsing under its own communist policy weight.

    On the the other hand, another world war might be just what the world needs to help clean up all of the moral decay that is currently causing the socities of the west to rot under insane woke and climate change country destroying religions.

    People have nothing to worry about so they have to make up all kinds of vicitmhood nonsense.

    If a world war breaks out,.. all of that far left wacko, aka mainstream democrat, nonsense gets flushed down the toilet as it should,.. either by having to wake up to reality and join the fight and appreciating the life w ehad befre this woke victimhoof nonsense or just succumbing to it.

    There won't be many rainbow colored "climate alarmist capes on the battle field when you're fighting for your life.

    Either way the trash would get taken out.

  7. The cost of doing nothing if China launched a full invasion of Taiwan might be far higher than the cost of keeping our commitments and helping to defend them.

  8. I think Mr Xi Jinping ,must realise he should not appear to side with ruthless Putin .It will be to China's advantage to have a change of heart .Mr Xi you are missing out on trillions of $ from tourists .You can become even more popular as a humanitarian rather than an expansionist.Imyself could negotiate with you better than any current western SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT.dONT TRUST THEM AND DONT AGREE TO THIS ZERO EMMISIONS TARGET ON ANY DATE.

  9. "China needs to keep its markets…." Xi is waiting for the American dollar to collapse. Then he'll make his final move and the U.S. will be an impoverished backwater. Americans can thank the democrats and RINOs when they become a third world country, but the real culprits will have already taken their money and left the country to rot.

  10. Farage is a smart guy, but he gets his information (disinformation is a better word here) from the mainstream media. He is convinced that Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing. Well, he should have known that they always lie pretty much about everything.

  11. Nigel's analysis is typical these days as he spends more time in the US he says
    What they want to hear, if you think for one second China would choose Western
    Powers over Russia no matter how you interpret the optics you are delusional!!!!

    Russian losses would not equate to 20% of Ukranian losses at this time or any other
    Time yet Ukraine is constantly falsely placed in a dominant position or advantageous

    As for leaders you really want to Compare Biden Truss Bojo and half a dozen EU sycophant
    Politician's to Putin??? And give him a poor grade for health and vitality??? are you completely
    Blind ? You can not be serious? I am anti war and anti stupidity that's why the short comings

    Must be pointed out on those that label themselves the good guys

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