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Fentanyl is a poison: Sheriff


Montgomery County, Texas sheriff Rand Henderson sounds off on the harmfulness of fentanyl as an epidemic ravages the United States on ‘Your World.’ #FoxNews #YourWorld

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Date: September 16, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Fentanyl is a poison: Sheriff

  1. Joe Biden is doing such a Great job that he's going after the Amish people just for food!!! Lol He knows Winter is coming!!! Lol Joe Biden asked Kamala Harris- Is the border secure?? She replied well it's still there Joe!!! Lol Lol Lol Lol

  2. Fetanayl produces easily influenced lost souls. Extremely valuable lost souls as they are then signed up for disability, medicaid. Then go to rehab about 3 or 4 times a year. Ripping off the taxpayers

  3. qq Times are Tough! YOU NEED JESUS TO GET THRU THIS!!! He said He will never leave us, nor forsake us. I never would have made it without Jesus!! John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  4. Get your point, but fentanyl is not a poison. It's dangerous to call it so. Yes it certainly can be dangerous, but also it can very useful and safe when used correctly. The more we demonize pain meds,the less access people have who need to manage extreme chronic pain . It's already nearly impossible to even get Percocets, even with major pain. I have two trick knees that have had multiple surgeries, with many bone chips and spurs, with no cartilage in my left knee, not much in the right, 4 degenerative disc in my back, and chronic shoulder pain. I've had these problems for years, seen many doctors, and not a single one will prescribe me pain meds of any kind, even though I pray each day to not wake up because of the pain

  5. Mr Sheriff… Where is this Fentanyl… This is a direct result of prohibition and China is filling the gap… Most of these people are animals and will do anything they can to stay high… My back is tore up and this country is attacking itself

  6. The Chinese are moving Fentanyl over the Canadian border like Niagara falls…
    But MAGA is so racist they are blind to it because, the ' boarder security ' is only about Mexicans.. not the Coast, not Canada, not Alaska

  7. We have been at War with Communist China… Ever since they released the COVID virus… The 2nd. Attack is in the form of Fentanyl…
    Killing mostly people who are of fighting age… If War came to our shores… Wake up people.!

  8. I never hear that we are a drug addicted society, and that is the root of the problem. Fentynal is an inanimate object, just like a gun that might be used for evil, right? and a person CHOOSES to use these two things, Right? No personal responsibility when it comes to fentynal, only victimization.

  9. "Given that Sater had worked as an FBI informant during the crucial years of 1998 to 2001, that the FBI had named Mogilevich their top priority in 2011, and that Sater had worked with the Trump family in a project that appears to have involved significant money-laundering, it is disconcerting at best that the FBI did not raise any concerns when Trump ran for office and won the nomination. Ascending to that level of candidacy not only gave Trump access to classified intelligence, but allowed his campaign team—by that time led by Manafort— access as well. While many of Trump’s mafia and illicit Russia ties were already in the public domain, and should have been enough to prompt an investigation as the Kremlin began to show its influence over the Trump campaign, the Sater link makes plausible deniability near impossible. There is no way the FBI could claim that they did not know who Sater was, or that they were unaware he had engaged in illicit dealings with Trump."
    Sarah Kendzior, Hiding in Plain Sight

  10. Good morning baby girl Very Happy Chicken A little and a wonderful day for me too I will You okay okay ok I can get together sometime soo Oklahoma is going Through it Together and I ol BA COO cool and Fries and you guys have to g TOMORROW TURN out tomorrow TONIGHT if I End is the same day That you are going to go k FOX BARACK Obama RUNNING around l Can I

  11. Biden is a Traitor to America and Americans… Biden harbours illegal Drug Smuggling Criminal Immigrants and lets them invade the USA Willy-Nilly trying to buy Votes… TRUMP 2022 2024… DeSantis 2028

  12. It's coming from Big Pharma. No business sells their products with poison attached to it. Only competitors do that to each other. The controllers are getting more evil by the day; they just don't want us to have pain killers. They want you to be addicted to their man-made (devil-mad) chemical drugs, which work differently in that the withdrawal is not felt physically as in God's medicines, but spiritually. Big Pharma is a devil, and I mean that literally. Stay away from it; it's just better to have the pain, even if the pain is deathly severe.

  13. Good for our Governor! I hope he's successful. Montgomery County is only a couple of counties over from where I live. It is such a problem here, and everywhere. People outside TX just don't get how this has affected us and the other border states. They're beginning to find out though. Nearly 3 million now known, more unknown.

  14. Biden and Harris won't do anything unless it affects their families. That's how these no class idiots in the WH care about citizens. How do you like the open border you created Joe/Kamala?

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