Filipino Food – Extremely Popular!! FISH BARBECUE + Kinilaw in Cebu, Philippines!

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CEBU, PHILIPPINES – Cebu is one of the food capitals of the Philippines and there’s no better way to jump into the local Filipino food culture than with a huge Su-To-Kil meal! Today I’m meeting up with my friend Carlo from Kalami Cebu, and we’re going to order a huge meal, including a giant Cobia fish belly grill!

Kalami Cebu – First of all a huge thank you to Carlo, from @KalamiCebu He’s a local from Cebu that is probably the most knowledgeable guy about the local food of Cebu. He’s so much fun to hang out and eat with. Go check his content out for great tips on where to eat in Cebu.

Parr’t Ebelle Seafood Restaurant ( – Today for lunch we’re heading straight to Parr’t Ebelle Tinola, a restaurant that’s known for its giant fish grill, and for its fish soup called tinola. Altogether the popular combination is called Su-To-Kil: sugba (grill), tola (soup), kilaw (marinated in vinegar). It’s a legendary Filipino food combination that can be made from all fish in different cooking methods so you have a complete meal.

Parr’t Ebelle Tinola is one of the most popular and famous tinola and sutokil meals in Cebu. Everyday the restaurant is absolutely jam packed and after tasting all the food – now we know why. It’s so tasty and the quality is so good. With Carlo’s expertise, we ordered the giant Cobia fish belly, the local favorite fish – it was huge. The belly was so delicious, dipped in soy sauce and vinegar and combined with vinegared fish (kinilaw), grape seaweed, and 2 varieties of fish head soup.

Highly recommended Parr’t Ebelle Tinola is a restaurant you have to try when you’re in Cebu, Philippines!

Price – 2,996 PHP ($54.25 US) for everything





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Date: August 30, 2023