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First Night Living in my Car (Sleeping at Walmart)


Like so many others, I have run into some unfortunate financial circumstances lately, mainly due to the COVID-19 situation we are faced with. This has forced me to take the leap and move into my car, something that I had always been curious to try ever since first getting into car camping.

This is my first official night in the bizarre, yet exciting journey that I am now embarking on. I'm optimistic that things will go well, and I'm enthusiastic at the prospect of living in an unconventional way while challenging the social norms/standards. Make sure to follow along!

For those who are curious, this is a 1991 Toyota 4runner.


#carcamping #nomad #livesimply


Date: September 16, 2022

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22 thoughts on “First Night Living in my Car (Sleeping at Walmart)

  1. I start living in my car with my dog on Friday and it’s finally starting to hit me seeing my apartment so empty 😢 Majority of my stuff is in storage. Going to put the last few bits in on Wednesday/Thursday. Getting my windows tinted on Wednesday, deep cleaning on Thursday then I’m out Friday morning. I work remotely so I’m not worried about income per se. Idk I’m just nervous/scared for the unknown. 🥺😕

  2. I cannot imagine my adult kids ever doing this. I would hope that they would wallow their pride about it and just call us to come home. Ughh…Id be so worried. In my book family is everything

  3. I think that is a perfect idea, I do the same I just getting tired of living a life that I can't afford, I buy a ban and I fixed very nice and I started to living in the ban very comfortable I save a ton of money and I have the chance to meet with people that are in the same situation as me, and very nice and normal people, congratulations brother, the long you save you money things will be fine.

  4. Just curious – I'm interested in the lifestyle, but I'd be afraid of someone breaking in while I'm away from my car, particularly when I go hiking. Do you take security measures to prevent break-ins?

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  7. Hi I just found this video on my feed. I’m enjoying your content so far! I hope all the best for you on your travels!
    Btw, are you Filipino by chance? I am, you look like you may have some in you. Just curious! Thank you for sharing this video!

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