First Time in Fiji 🇫🇯 FIJIAN STREET FOOD – Taro Leaves, Fish Kokoda + Market Tour!

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🇫🇯 The Ultimate Fiji Food Tour!
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NAUSORI, FIJI – Welcome to the beautiful islands of Fiji and today we’re on the main island and going on an ultimate Fijian food tour. Get ready for some of the tastiest local food in all of Fiji!

First of all, a huge thank you to my friend Andhy Blake, he’s a TV host and Fijian producer who loves to eat and who arranged our entire trip to Fiji. Check him out

Here’s all the places we visited on this ultimate Fijian food tour:

1. Nausori Market, Nausori, Fiji (
We first walked around the main Nausori Market for a taste of all the local ingredients. We stopped to eat at Tee Totoka for their famous tea buns. And Finally met with Sera, who owns the greatest seafood stall at the market selling Kovu Kaikoso – Sea Clams in Coconut Milk!

2. Elvis Kana Place, Nausori, Fiji (
One of the most delicious of all Fijian foods is rourou with mutton, raro leaves with mutton, and it was an honor to see the full cooking process before eating it.

3. Namuka Village, Fiji – Continuing our tour, we visited a village just outside Nausori that’s famous for making vakalolo – a cassava coconut dessert.

4: Mokani Village, Fiji – Something else you have to try when you visit Fiji is called bila – fermented cassava bread, and no one does it better than here.

5: The Bar Belle, Suva, Fiji (
The food tour isn’t over, we drove on to Suva, the largest city in Fiji to eat at The Bar Belle, a laid back restaurant serving local Fijian seafood.

6: Tasty BBQ, Nausori, Fiji – This Fijian food tour wouldn’t be complete with some Fijian street food, and I’m talking about Fijian BBQ that includes lamb chops and sausage!

We had an incredible time visiting Fiji and I can’t wait to share more delicious and unseen food with you coming up in more videos in this series.

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Date: August 30, 2023