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FOX and Friends 9/16/22 | (7AM) FOX Breaking News Trump September 16,2022


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Date: September 17, 2022

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28 thoughts on “FOX and Friends 9/16/22 | (7AM) FOX Breaking News Trump September 16,2022

  1. Hey A$$hole – I see you just started stealing content a couple of days ago in order to get clicks. Why not create your own content?

    Folks – please don't support jerks like this. The don't give a cr@p about you, they just steal to make money. They're nothing but lowlife bottom feeders.

  2. People, people, PEOPLE!! Get it straight; Businesses large and small, who make more than $400,000 a year, DO NOT PAY TAXES.
    They pass it on to the customer, who invariably earn less, WAY LESS, than $400,000.

  3. Martha's Vinyard, cry me a freakin river. You don't have the facilities or amenities to deal with 50 undocumented immigrants??
    Neither do the southern border towns have the facilities or amenities to deal with the THOUSANDS coming through EVERY DAY.
    If you don't have those amenities as a sanctuary city, GET THEM, CREATE THEM.

  4. Wake-up, Wise-up, Rise-up, Speak-up, Speak-out, Act! Trump’s socio-path narcissistic personality disorder now has severely hurt our national security. He has illegally held sensitive top-secret classified documents! Vote against all Trump candidates who are anti-democratic, anti-abortion and dare to restrict voting rights!

  5. My president the real president is on his way back the actor is on way out and all his administration is going too there lies will be found out God by to all those crooks and theft who are stilling are money

  6. They should stay in their country and work to make their lives better. These democrats are crying out of both sides of their lips. Get over your rich asses because people really don't care anymore. Plus these people haven't been promised rose's and milk so liberals get over yourself. If you don't want them what makes you think we want them. I get it you think your better than the rest of us. Wrong

  7. REPUBLICANS ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN— BUT THEY RATHER STAB THEMSELVES IN THE BACK AND DO NOTHING. THIS IS HOW WE GOT HERE, THis didnt happen overnight… term limites, cognitive testing- good for military- better for govt

  8. No no Harry and Andrew are not in military guard they are allowed to wear their medals on their morning suits they are not in military garb they are definitely odd man's out

  9. FOX 🦊 should seriously 😒 reduce the bullsheet "chit-chat" and ADDRESS the NEWS of the day… these highly-paid TelePrompTer Readers reminiscing about their daily lives is just BULLCRAP FLUFF and a ridiculous attempt to have the viewer "relate" to them and therefore "trust" them… JUST REPORT THE NEWS and we'll take it from there… STOP the games…EXPOSE THIS FRAUDULENT ADMINISTRATION AND [Their] FRAUDULENT UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLICIES and DOWNRIGHT FRAUD AGAINST AMERICA/AMERICANS…

  10. Fix the fucking border already! Texas is overwhelmed millions of migrants what the fuck can you do you have to transfer him somewhere else since you have a deadbeat administration damned and determined to just let everybody walk in damn the consequences!

  11. I think Gov. Gavin Gruesome's mind
    has been kidnapped and being held
    for ransom at a lobster pound in a
    laundry located somewhere in France…
    "SAVE GAVIN… SEND $$$$$$$$$$!🤢🤮

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