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FOX and Friends 9/16/22 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP September 16, 2022


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Date: September 17, 2022

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43 thoughts on “FOX and Friends 9/16/22 FULL HD | FOX BREAKING NEWS TRUMP September 16, 2022

    Donald apologizes to supporters.
    β€œMy bad, folks. It wasn’t β€˜Election interference.’. I meant, β€˜ Erectile interference!’
    But, Matt Gaetz called two hookers and told me to call him in the morning!”

  2. And what are Democrats doing to the illegal immigrants Joe Biden? Nothing, except allowing hundreds of them to inhumanely die while trying to come to America, or be used as pack mules to carry tons of fentanyl into America that is killing hundreds of thousands of legal American citizens so drug cartels can make billion$ and donate to these criminal Democrat politicians!

  3. O come on now you people this idiot is not a president!!! You would have to be mentally disturbing to think this is alright?? Someone best be standing up to take charge of this incompetent dictator?? My o my what a disturbing problem you people have going on!!! God bless president Trump family and America!!!!

  4. Joe Biden an ranting geriatric senile man. Every time he open his mouth he spewing a venomous vile to create a chaos to this country. He doesn’t deserve to be called the title β€œ President of America”

  5. I think it's funny when these Liberals have ol Zuxkermen watching everything the Republicans post on social media. Well who's going to spy for them when Zuxkermen is in prison for interfering with freedom of speech?

  6. You all fake news you come tell the truth but say in heads lines that trump won but you do not say it way we know and ass hole going to out office because Americans are wakening up to BS so ya they don’t want us to know that we are at DEFCON That what we are at it look up it coming this crazy lunatic regime hate Americans because they do not want us to have our freedom so listen what they are saying oh Father God going to bring this to end God won in Spiritual but it has to go to the earth ya you need stand up to oath they have taken to protect against foreign and domestic terrorist organizations in our country so now they have herd and see the truth and so who was lying not us they are lier’s against humanity wake hell up we are in Spiritual and physical war crimes against humanity Bioweapon and antichrist governments demons bots evil mocking bird media they are part of big lie so need to be arrested for lies to told cover up and they that 6 of the evils Big Governments of Military Complex and Big Pharma Big Bankers Big Sports Big Holly wood elite Weirdos and Big tech we know the truth take that red pill go deep down the rabbit hole and find the truth this not right or left thing this spiritual war pray for all of the good of humanity

  7. Patriots, we MUST all go out and vote in huge numbers across the nation in November for the midterms, do what you must, but our nation is in deep peril and we are at the edge of losing our way of living, traditions, customs of American greatness. We have to stop brandon and the democrats or the inevitable will happen, a life of misery, pain, and suffering to our children and their entire lives, NO, cant happen.

  8. So weird is you are the fuzzy fuzzy Fox because you don't mention Trump not whatsoever but you mentioned Biden over and over and over and over no Biden bye to buy so what do you think about biting when you hear biting Biden Biden did this bite into that bye bye no Trump you guys are crooked you are not the American American News you're not an American News you are number loser

  9. We should send all the criminals in California to DeSantis home.

    We could also send all of DeSantis family to Venezuela without food map or guide.

    These "Republican" Leaders should be ashamed to be such heartless dbags while wasting tax payers dollars.

    Bring back the REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY, do away with scumbag Trumpers and their EXTREMIST AGENDA

  10. Former president Donald Trump is facing a total of 19 legal actions – about half of which allege improper conduct during his presidency. Most of the cases fall under three themes: financial wrongdoings that made him more money; his role in the January 6 2021 insurrection; and his alleged interference in the 2020 election. Trump has denied wrongdoing in most of these cases. He has filed motions to dismiss several of them and has filed countersuits in some cases. (HOW MANY LEGAL ACTIONS HAVE YOU HAD AGAINST YOU AT ONE TIME? WHERE THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS FIRE)

  11. In all honesty I don't feel sorry for those folks on that island. They can take their complaints to the Democratic party and the Liberal party. They're the ones who wanted the illegal immigrants to live here.

  12. I say drop some at pelosis house next, then move down the line. Schumers house, aoc house, rashid house… come on, where is that open arm spirit they spout off about??

  13. So….. it's OK for the Biden admin to fly and bus them all over hell and creation, but 2 governors who have had these illegals dumped into their cities can't reciprocate??? Nah. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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