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FOX and Friends 9/17/22 | (7AM) FOX Breaking News Trump September 17,2022


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Date: September 17, 2022

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33 thoughts on “FOX and Friends 9/17/22 | (7AM) FOX Breaking News Trump September 17,2022

  1. ANGRY TRUMP 2022 $$

    A angry soul opens its mouth

    And shuts its mind to reason.

    All who stay slow to anger

    Are loved by more each season.

    Hatred snuffs the lamp of thought

    And it's hard to stay serene.

    Where anger rules hatred thrives

    As the world we love turns mean.

    All who fan the coals of hate

    Have no reason to complain.

    If some hot sparks scorch their face

    Their torments multiply their pain.

    Anger is a human madness

    Which consumes both heart and mind.

    Those who rule their spirit with love

    Shall be praised by all mankind.

    By Tom Zart Most Published Poet On The Web

  2. It’s Jimmy love Democrats ANOTHER MIGRANT BUS ARRIVES AT VP RESIDENT DEMOCRATS TWITTER INSTAGRAM JOE BIDEN ❤ They don’t want it they don’t want it but they love everybody that’s pretty sad isn’t it

  3. Nothing says INVASION LIKE OPEN BORDERS. ..illegals are breaking our laws and are WILLING to relocate anywhere they can.
    They were not dehumanized or kidnapped..they are WILLING participants in invading this coutry. If any American did this we'd be arrested and jailed ..illegals are rescued by do-gooders.

  4. Cackling Cummala's husband said it was shameful they sent the migrants there
    Well I'll be damm who the hell did he think was supposed to have been appointed to be in charge of the border if anyone should be shameful is cackling Cummala looks like your pointing the wrong way
    Well is that's the dumacrats way blaming someone else for her mess up

  5. Hey A$$hole – I see you just started stealing content a couple of days ago in order to get clicks. Why not create your own content?

    Folks – please don't support jerks like this. The don't give a cr@p about you, they just steal to make money. They're nothing but lowlife bottom feeders.

  6. “IZIUM”, Ukraine. Over 440 tortured and murdered in a forest! Putin/Trump’s dictatorial, authoritarian, autocratic, anti-democratic brings the World this atrocity to humankind! Wake-up, Wise-up, Rise-up, Speak-up, Speak-out and Act. Know, Trump, MAGA Republicans, Fox Cable’s commentators brought us Anti-Abortion and Restrictive Voting Rights!

  7. If it wasn’t for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and And all the others who say the border is closed the border is secure who lie to us they are the reason these people are here they are the reason people keep coming and they just keep lying and lying and lying

  8. I’m from Montana and last spring right when it started getting dark a bus pulled up in front of the grocery store and at least 60 people got off of it a lot of them didn’t speak English but it it was in Spanish that they were speaking and they were kids or were in shorts and tank tops the bus just dropped him off and drove away in Montana

  9. Joy (Joe) Biden
    Is a disgusting leader, hell he ain't no leader. He is one of those panhandlers on the corner of the sidewalk with side walk Sally
    And Slim Shady, with his hand out like the rest of them. Gime gime gime…

  10. as a liberal this is great everyone of these people get into the usa and most likely are persuaded to vote dem how is this at all hurting the dems now there is legal problems for dessantis and abbott as smuggling kids and stopping a legal immigration policy in there own states and then there is more and more latinos in america who see this as ass shit eating disgusting and losing votes for the gop as the days go on lololol love this please keep self destructing and to top it off now the liberals are going to defund boarder towns and give more money to these sanctuary cities and they wont use for immigration womp womp …….please keep this up the more u ship the more voters dems get bwahahahah what harm did the gop cause womp womp oh ya look up u laws these people all got the free green cards thanks to these clowns in charge so again please please please keep giving green cards they cant be removed now lololololol

  11. Right now Los Angeles has a ballot measure to force hotels and motels to make rooms available for free to the homeless that local Democrat officials refuse to shoo off of their streets. Not a peep from the media or the Donkey Party. You see, Democrats are playing an election year game to keep their filthy rich liberal donors appeased even as they and the heartless, gutless media huff about migrants being used as pawns by the evil racist GOP. Physician, heal thyself!

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