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Fox News On Hillary But Make The Footage Trump | The Daily Show


Fox News talking about Hillary but make the footage the Trump raid #DailyShow #Comedy

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Date: September 18, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Fox News On Hillary But Make The Footage Trump | The Daily Show

  1. Trump time we had gasoline at 2.40$ Biden 5$
    America rejectsBiden No one wants to See him..Though they. Didn't like Trump they respected him.Biden be gone.

  2. Yup. Hypocrisy…except for a few facts..

    1. Clinton was never president and thus unable to declassify her mishandled documents vs Trumps presidential authority
    2. Clinton had about 1,300 classified documents vs Trump a few hundred
    3. Clinton had her document on a server that could be an was hacked vs Trumps not open to other countries access
    4. Clinton secretly had a personally owned server that kept her documents in a public owned place
    5. Clinton knowingly and purposely destroyed evidence vs Trumps not being destroyed
    6. Clinton denied she had the documents at first vs Trumps open disclosure
    7. Nothing at all happened to Clinton (in fact she was currently running for president)
    8. The main stream media protected and gave excuses for Clinton’s actions and still does vs a guilty verdict on tv for Trump by people who have no clue
    9. The government doj and fbi was used to cover up Clinton’s actions vs attacking Trump…

    Yup hypocrisy….

    This should concern everyone…if one (any) political party uses the government to attack another party running for the sole reason to stay in power and use its power to prevent the other person from running and being elected….it should deeply concern us all…neither political side in innocent…but actions by our government deeply limit our ability to have a government ‘by" the people…it’s time everyone should stop this absurdity….

    Lies, slander, fear mongering, radically spreading hatred needs to stop…but here we are, we keep voting for the very elitist group that points to the other side as accusing them as being elitists….our government is run by elitist, Rich, power mongering, lying, dishonest people…using our votes and our ignorance to keep them in power…our own government (all of it) is deeply dividing the people of our country causing us to fight among ourselves and stay divided for what matters to them most….our vote…to keep them rich, powerful, and in control…we are sheep…and the wolves own us…

  3. Always whining about Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden is what the Republicans do when they're in a corner. Their new scapegoat is Hunter Biden, where before it was Hillary Clinton — notice the pattern, my fellow democrats (and here, I mean democrat as everyone who believes in Democracy, not the party, and I mainly define that as everyone anti-trump, anti-Conservative, and not pretending to be).

  4. My absolute favorite part of this show are the Mashups, esp when there's such blatant hypocrisy being highlighted. It could be Desi or anyone else on the show but seeing & hearing the incredible double standards from faux news — hey Sean, we can hear you flip flopping! Judge juicebox — time to retire! I want to respond to each comment . The hyperbole & vicious tone/words coming from these ppl (and
    interviewed at rallies) just shows the level of disconnect (from reality) behind these voters. It is a spotlight on the steady diet of alternative facts — and snark — which frame the narrative every friggin day. Mercy me, we gonna need help it!!!

  5. On stop fox new it not about her this time stop playing stop lie but she didn’t take them home with her like you trump did so stop play the blame came lier fox new I thing you people are on it with trump cuse you should keep cover up for him dose he own your people cuse it don’t matter want that joke dose to this country you all try to blame some one us for his shirt

  6. The left looks like they take classes from bill O'rielly. They act like the right did during the bush war crime years. Why, because it's the same power actually and that power is against you. Policy to Policy it's right there. It's not America first at all and what they do is the opposite of what they say.

  7. its really really scary how stereotypical these people look and talk. Theyre exactly likes some two faced, false media personalities in american tv shows are depicted. your entire news / media culture is absolutely terrifying and actually kind of insane. im really glad i dont live there.

  8. Of course HE is guilty, based on the evidence….😂is like FOX news in history, like Trump in history, is his worse enemy.
    I heard she or her, but until then I thought they were talking about Trump, no wonder I was "FOX news honest, since when?"

  9. Posting this every time I see a Fox News article on the subject. Today's article had a headline "Trump raid shows that FBI, Justice Department want to decide who can be our president". Another article which prays deplorables have short memories.

  10. Hillary was not a president, not in my country are any other! She has no authority to declassify any top secret document which she had in her possesion or any other person had in theirs! You should not lie. You sit on the throne of lies. Along with all your illke.

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