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Hits: 0 This issue appeared to be a one shot but it didn’t really say. I haven’t read any of the first run. It was an interesting idea and I was aware of it more because of Seth Greens involvement that the quality of the merit of the title itself but it seamed to do pretty well. I picked this up because I figured it would be a good way to give the crew a try, but this is not the issue to do it. Again I like the characters and the idea of it all but they were not represented well in this issue. If you are a fan of the title this will probably be a fun little tease to wet your appetite during the break but if you are not already invested in the characters you won’t get anything out of this one. Either pick up the old titles or wait for their sophomore year to start when they will bring some depth to the story and the characters.

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Date: August 30, 2023