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Friend Request (2016) Film Explained In Hindi/Urdu s | Friend Request हिन्दी


Friend Request (2016) movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The American supernatural Horror film “Friend Request: Unfriend” story summarized with a full ending in हिन्दी explanation. Plot is about a girl Marina whose life is cut short due to an unfortunate event. She was a new college student who enjoys social media and spends the majority of her time on it. Another girl Laura” notices her, so  Marina sends her a friend request through Facebook, which she accepts. However, ‘Laura's' friends dislike ‘Marina' because she is strange and unusual in dress sense. That's why Laura didn't invite her to her birthday party. After that, “Marina” discovers birthday photographs. In her full consciousness, “Marina” is upset, embarrassed, and has left the world. Laura becomes deathly afraid when she receives a video from Marina, who is no longer alive. Because she has come back from the dead in the form of the spawn of satan. Now, she attempts but fails to delete that video.

Later, her other friend died later as a result of being possessed by “Marina's” evil eye. Her friend's video was also added to her profile. Later, she approaches a computer expert and requests that he delete the videos, but he is also unsuccessful. He also discusses the game of black magic after discovering the word “Black Mirror” written on each poss. It is revealed that “Marina” used black magic to transform herself into the devil ghost in order to exact revenge on everyone of us. Learn who can really survive the demon's ‘Ma Rina' and how these friends became successful in her evil games. Darkness is on the rise! Hear their stories and explore how to break the deadly curse prior to it being late. Please Like, Share and Subscribe.


Images and footage Source: Warner Bros.
Director: Simon Verhoeven
Produced by: SevenPictures Film Pictures , Quirin Berg
Writer: Matthew Ballen

Disclaimer: Any footage in this video has only been used to communicate a message (understandable) to the audience. According to my knowledge, it’s a fair use under reviews and commentary section. We don't plan to violate anyone's right. Thanks.


Date: September 15, 2022

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  1. Ye movie maine ap ke explanation se phle di dekh li h , but Mai ye soch raha hu ki ap ko kitni language aata ho ga or ap kitna jada hard work karte hoge phir use ke bad kahi jaaa kar ap movies ko explain karte hoge great job sir ji 👍😇 keep it up

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