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Greg Gutfeld: This is a luxury protest


‘The Five' co-hosts discuss employees of the New York Times refusing to return to the office over a wage dispute as COVID restrictions fade. #foxnews #thefive

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Date: September 17, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Greg Gutfeld: This is a luxury protest

  1. I object. There are more people like me that likes the freedom of "working remote". It allows me to travel while working. I don't have to be chained to one location. I find I'm more productive working remotely

  2. Just like people… jobs aren't all the same.. A call center job.. You can do from home.. .A job that takes collaboration or direct face to face interaction you need to be at work.. Weather I'm at work or home I still get all my support and interaction through chat on a computer either way..

  3. Not everybody that stays home–or wants to–is some millennial liberal that works in fake jobs. My hubby has a very high-level, high-stress IT job, and he likes to be home where it's quiet enough for him to think without people running into his office every couple of minutes with a fire he has to put out. He doesn't have to deal with commuting where it gets bitterly cold and we get tons of snow. He isn't going out to eat every day for lunch, costing us a fortune. He doesn't have to pay for a bus or parking. He doesn't have to risk his life with the criminal element that has invaded downtown Minnehopeless. He's far more productive at home than he was at the office 40+ hours/week, and I know when he's going to be home for supper because he's already here. That said, he's not home full-time, either, rather hybrid, which is a nice alternative. They basically go in when there's a big meeting they all have to be together for because it's easier to do it in person than via Teams. I think hybrid is the way of the future. If you can work from home, there is no reason not to.

  4. I was a union electrician in NC for thirty years. Not only did we not work at home, but we also didn't even have enough union work to actually work in the state. We were called throughout the country as travelers, road trash, tramps, hobo's, out-of-towners. I'd drive from eastern NC to Pittsburgh, or Atlantic City on Sunday morning, only to make the return trip Friday after work. For years we did this. I have no sympathy for these soft-bellied toads at the NY Times. Most of you voted for everything you're getting.

  5. Who does this affect people making six freaking figures Dana you actually freaking think that most of the country gives a s*** about that?! Do you see even you people at Fox are so out of touch with everyday people!! The only one that's almost gets it is Greg and Jesse!! I do appreciate most of you guys on Fox I'm telling you but I can tell the only way you find out about everyday Americans you have to go and report on it you don't know you have to go ask questions you have to go find out now if you're born you know Blue Collar family that's a cop or that's a fireman that's a plumber your dad's an electrician, that means you know what it's like to be and everyday Joe!! So you tell me about New York elitist having a problem because it's an open floor plan in their la di da offices are you freaking kidding me take a look and see how many people watch this particular broadcast guys I started watching it and I turned it off!! Because it doesn't mean jack for 3/4 of The Americans in this country!! I hope you people that make that six figure salary pass your luxury protest okay!! And you know what you people can do with the lunch boxes why don't you donate them to a school in your area might not be a bad idea!! CLUELESS IN NEW YORK,(not the average newyorker)!!

  6. I agree with Jesse , the New York Times employees are Mole People . They like the isolation , and seclusion but how are people like this able to gain any perspective in their reporting of the real world ?

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