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GRWM | First Wedding Dress Try On! 🕊(Heart to Hana)


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Henlo omg you guys this wedding dress try on was so surreal…like I never really felt like I was actually going to be having a wedding until I started putting on the dresses! They’re all so pretty it was so hard to figure out my style T.T

Hope you guys enjoy! And once the wedding gets closer I’ll film more wedding content! Hehe

Thank you so much to Peripera for partnering with me again! and to you guys for making collaborations possible!

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Henlo! I am Hana Lee and I am a Korean American who lives in Seoul Korea! I make vlogs, grwm and a bunch of other videos. Hope you like them!

FTC: This is sponsored by Peripera. I really really am grateful for your support and allowing me to do this as my job. Thank you!


Date: September 15, 2022

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29 thoughts on “GRWM | First Wedding Dress Try On! 🕊(Heart to Hana)

  1. omg you look so gorgeous in all the dresses!! ive also been watching you since around 2017, when i was in high school T-T and now im in my last year about to graduate university!! i feel like ive grown with you in some ways, and your content has always been really comforting to me, especially since the topics/struggles you discuss are so relatable to me. i'll always be supporting you, so glad to see you go on these new and exciting journeys in life!! sending you all the love <3

  2. this is so exciting!! it was so nice to hear you just sit down and talk about your life and do a q&a. i feel like this is another big chapter in your life and i'm so grateful that you're sharing it with us. 💗💗 also, you look absolutely stunning in all of the dresses, i'm excited to see which you choose!

  3. As a fellow bride, I just wanted to say you look exquisite! And yes, wedding planning is gonna be stressful. But when I tell you that it will the best day ever..I mean literally, it will be the best. Day Ever. Marrying the one you love and being surrounded by all of your loved ones is truly something special. ❤❤❤

  4. Hana, I have been following you for a while and you have always been an 언니 I look up to and take inspiration from. So so happy for you, you look so pretty as always, only wishing the best for you <3

  5. Sooooo gorgeous in every dress you tried on!!! The first one is so versatile! My twin used something similar in her wedding. She used with the crop top to walk down the aisle and took it off to dance.

  6. You are amazing and important for a lot of people. You may not be the most popular on youtube, but you are special for me and for others for sure. I enjoy so much when I see your videos, so please never give up 💗🥰

  7. Hana discovering you was one of my greatest thing… Always waiting for your vlogs…. Listening to you always feels soo calm… Just to let you know your uploads always makes my day… Thankyou soo much ❤❤

  8. Hana 🥺 you look absolutely stunning and I audibly GASPED when I saw the dresses! The tulle one in particular looked straight out if a fairy tale 😍

    Your heart-to-Hana Q&As always make me feel a bit more at peace with myself. Something I always learn from your videos is that everyone has to create their own path. I feel so inspired by seeing how you created such a warm and kind community of followers through all your hard work as a content creator. While I can imagine how much metrics can get to creators (I blame the platform for this more than anything) it's so cool to see how you've connected with so many people through your content! I always say this but you've really built such a cool community here and know that all of us are always rooting for you and cheering you on! Thank you for always sharing your journey with us and I look forward to seeing your growth in both your channel and your personal goals 💗✨

  9. hey hana, ive been a long time (silent) subscriber of your channel and i enjoy watching yr long form content (ie vlogs) a lot, but if you’re thinking of gaining more subscribers/likes, maybe you could consider venturing into shorts? just brainstorming 😅 CANT WAIT FOR YR WEDDING VLOG SERIES

  10. I found you from your monolid makeup video and I've been a fan ever since! Your voice is so calming and you videos are so comforting. And your relationship with Jimmy is one that I look up to alot.

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