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Gutfeld: DeSantis sent two planes of illegal immigrants to the progressive paradise


‘Gutfeld!' panelists react to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sending two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, one of the most ‘luxurious vacation spot in America.'
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Date: September 17, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Gutfeld: DeSantis sent two planes of illegal immigrants to the progressive paradise

  1. When Federal Sovereignty doesn't protect State Sovereignty, then each state has a right to step in to protect their citizens from foreign or domestic elements which threaten that sovereignty.😁

  2. There were 51 who died in a smugglers truck and this trash elite barely covered it or cared. Yet 50 showing up to Martha's Vineyard? End of the world.

    While Hispanics are swinging towards Republicans. They by and far vote Democrat. So the line from several of the panel members that 'oh they're sprinkling Republicans" does not fly. California was flipped based on amnesty of the 80's from a solid Red/Purple state to a solid blue state. And it has never returned. To answer the question of "well they have all those conservative positions though!" Yeah but they didn't immigrate here via political refugees (outside Venezuelans and Cubans). The vast majority are economic refugees. As in they are looking for money to send back to their families. They do not care about the US nor living here. They are here because they want money. Democrats offer them free hand outs and incentivize their ability to work under outside the law.

    Yes well established Hispanics with rooted families within the United States will vote Republican. No doubt. The millions of illegal immigrants will not.

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  4. Millions of us are about to disappear… It was not aliens , a super weapon or anything else.. Jesus came to fetch his people… Repent , call on Jesus…. Do not take the mark on your right hand or forehead…. Do not worship the false Jesus that will sit in the holy of holys and proclaim to be God.. Things will get worse and worse until Jesus comes back in the clouds…. Tell others.. Help others

  5. Shame! These refugees were told they would be flown to Boston but we're abducted to Martha's Vineyard by the criminal governor of Florida. Human rights violation. Shame shame shame.

  6. it does not matter they are conservative , the will vote for security( to stay here ) as did the black vote in they new deal , they were conservative but betrayed their values for security and 'free' government hand outs

  7. Oh, then it's NOT a political stunt to dump aliens into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Their having to cross the desert, be subject to the physical abuse of the cartels after being extorted for large sums, wade across the Rio Grande, and, luckily, not getting shot for trespassing, isn't at all CRUEL. Hm!

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