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‘Gutfeld!’ talks the complaints from NYT workers about returning to work


Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss how The New York Times employees are ‘livid’ over being asked to return to the office on ‘Gutfeld!’


Date: September 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “‘Gutfeld!’ talks the complaints from NYT workers about returning to work

  1. What a world we live in, when workers just say “na I’ll just work from home”..

    Laziness is getting very bad around the world after this Rona crisis, which it was a crisis no other word to describe it.

  2. Hey NYT you wanna hire a disabled Cuban bisexual Pagan Ultra MAGA supporter with a journalist background? I can be the token Republican.
    Oops I have one too many checkboxes checked. 🤣🤣

  3. Boy. I remember Dan Rather when he was at Ch11 Houston. Before Hurricane Carla hit, he went to the Galveston US Weather office with a camera crew. He got the big tube camera in front of the radar screen. He and the office chief said this hurricane is nothing to play with. That saved lives.

    Would that happen today? HADES NO!

  4. The people that can "work from home" are mostly NON VALUE ADDED. If you are not MAKING SOMETHING, SELLING SOMETHING, or DELIVERING SOMETHING you are not really needed.

  5. I don’t think it matters if the NY Times work from home, I would prefer if they just didn’t work at all. Anyway if it’s required to come in you got to come in, or find a new job. However, I think most people would prefer more freedom and independence if it was an option, as long as you’ve proven you can get the job done well. Regardless if that’s working from home or not having someone breathing down your neck telling you how to do your job every 10 minutes.

  6. Not in a job that can be done remotely. Am an essential worker, and worked through all the shutdowns. I don't understand the whole issue. Didn't these workers incur costs, initially, to work at home, to keep these companies afloat? Remodel a room of your house for a office. Extra energy usage. Face tax consequences because of working from home? All to keep rich companies running during the shut down. Mostly greedy companies? And so employees found a new freedom, and now the companies, that benefited from them working at home want to make them drones again? Who really would be eager to go back to that?
    As for the NYT, it should have gone belly up a long time ago.

  7. The generation of workers today are lazy. They can do the work in 1 hour at home instead of having to look busy in the office. My objection with the times is that they stick their nose where it doesn't belong, basically the cost of the Queen's funeral on the UK citizens. It's not their business, they are not donating nor are they being asked to donate one penny. Personally I'm boycotting the Times

  8. This is their new way of telling the news!!!! Not writing about it just telling the experience of it!!! NYT:we do not recognize inflation but our workers won’t come to work due to it.

  9. It's true, conferencing around the world just puts different people on different shifts and they manage the rest of their time themselves. Just ask any long haul truck driver about that. Most companies prefer working at home if they can. My Son in Law's firm just took a vote and they unanimously voted to stay at home because none of them, from the President on down wanted to come back to the office. EVEN THE PRESIDENT! LOL They get a lot more done teleconferencing than they ever did at the office. And, everyone understands and is of common mind. An invaluable plus. Now they have company picnics and that's about it. And it's almost the only time they even see each other in person. Really. They do one office meeting a month, because they thought they should, and only talk about their vacations. And that's correct; they're no longer even geared to work in the office any longer and they don't even bring their laptops. Apparently, the office for it's own sake is becoming an obsolete concept. The trick is getting the talent together. Once you have that, it doesn't matter where they are. Hey, the Government started it with their lockdowns and the people adapted. And they preferred it. Like who wouldn't? The commute alone is worth staying home. Not to mention all the wear and tear they NO LONGER have to put on their cars. And no chance of car accidents along the way. Win, win. I said that as the lone voice in the wilderness when all this first started, and now it's borne out. And I'm not that smart: Years ago we had an off hours office fire in one of our buildings and a Taco Bell franchisee was forced to work at home until we could get them another space. They had like 40 locations so they actually had their own I.T. dept. and they set it all up in one day. It worked so well for them, they never came back and turned down the space, and shut down another office and sent them home. And then they shut down their main offices and sent them home. And believe me, they saved a fortune on rent once their leases ran out. I should know. LOL They were before their time and as a business, the lockdowns meant absolutely nothing to them.

  10. Tyrus nails it. "Journalists" no longer do investigation and reporting–they sit back and wait for the same two guys to hand them their news stories–Anonymous Source and Unidentified Informant. That's why you hear the same reports repeated almost verbatim on all the liberal-biased media.

  11. I sold my Business and made a killing. But when I was the boss I would've never paid someone that didn't show up for work. Getting paid to sit on the couch in your pajamas. It's not a job if you don't go to work.

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  13. I could easily do most of my work from home but I respect that my boss would like me to be present in the office to keep a pulse on how things are going. And also to maintain relationships with coworkers. We have two offices – when I'm at one for a few days and return to the other, it's amazing how disconnected I am. We have become a lazy society — you need to see people. I'd advocate for a 2 days at home but no more.

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