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Half Homeless: Living in Cars – part 1


In a community where overnight street parking is illegal, a unique Santa Barbara program helps people living in their cars find places to spend the night.


Date: September 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Half Homeless: Living in Cars – part 1

  1. And yet corrupt democrats like Pelosi, Waters, etc live in shameless luxury in gated mansions, and rule over huge homeless communities where good people are dying in the streets because of government greed and unfairness.

  2. There is a special place in hell waiting for greedy landlords and children of the senior homeless who leave their parents with no place to live.

    Parents who spend their lives caring for their children deserve care from those children when they can no longer afford a home.

  3. The media and the Secret Religion………The Masonry…….Institute…….Illuminati…….the Elite……….are all…….part of SATANS……..followers ……….they are the rich and famous……..ALL over the world………they are Tricking ……..fooling……..and Killing…..a lot of people…….and animals……..ever since the world begun………they are just humans ……..and the rich just die like animals……….Look at the Earth……..all around you…… is being destroyed…..Because there is only LIES……..God lives forever …….not people……..WOMEN…..are you sleeping in your OWN Bed…….God you know all their plans to kill me……make them fall from their placse

  4. Poor people but a cat shouldn't be living in a car. They need fresh air, grass and an animal companion. It 'd be like a jail cell for an animal. I felt sorry for it. I hope she at least has a lead for it.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if someone had such a fat income referring to the ceo. If they couldn’t manage their funds. I’m not looking down on anyone. But we’ve lost everything at one time but didn’t eat out. Never went on trips and pulled ourselves out of a rut because we were so careful.with our finances. We own our home and if it wasn’t for this we could very well end up like this.

  6. 14 years later and the homeless issues have only got worse alot worse, here in England and the states and globally! Is there not enough money in this world to end the problem along with many others

  7. I used to my own business. I installed and repaired machine tools. Untill the government and the national banks ran the home loan scam that crashed economy in 2008. Thanks to old style republican politics and lies and back door deals. This started in 2016. Now I live in the cab of my pick up truck. For about a year now.

  8. So many rich people there, who have far more wrealth than they need. I hope some get together & provide some safe parking & camping facilities with a security fence, showers & toilets & cooking facilities. Either at a very low cost or in return for doing tasks.

  9. I always have a big conversion van just for this reason. I keep it mechanically sound and maintained. A big bed in the back, one comphy captains seat, I have a laptop to use in hot spots if needed, and always a phone. My chihuahua for company and safe places to go. I thank God I dont need to do this now, but it is there if I need it and I wouldnt hesitate.

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