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Hard Car Crashes & Idiots in Cars 2022 – Compilation #34


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Date: September 16, 2022

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45 thoughts on “Hard Car Crashes & Idiots in Cars 2022 – Compilation #34

  1. AT 8 seconds in, you can see that the driver (right hand driven truck in AU) is too busy showing his phone to his passenger instead of paying attention to his driving. He is leaning way over to the left side and his passenger sees what's about to happen BEFORE the driver dose. Total idiot driver.

  2. This 2 all those idiots that get wide or turn left before they turn right..not only will i ram you i will get out and take the life of everyone in car with incendiary ammo ..have been going it for last 15 years ….yoy dumb asses need death and im handing out tickets if you ask nicely….ive seen entire family go a blaze and im ok with that….trick is shoot the tank first let it leak then shoot again…. You mf welcome america

  3. 8:34 what a horrible people filming this.

    They have evidence. They see something is wrong. The driver knows what he should do, but listens to the one next to him who says: keep going.

    Not even offering to help someone who clearly is in need of help.
    What a muppets

  4. 0:14 yeah man, check it out. Riding my moped man, look at me. vroom vroom.
    Ey, a bus takes away my view.
    I know what i should do: ACCELERATE!

    hahaha, i love em muppets on mopeds.

    And the funny part is: You can already see the car at 0:14, standing infront of the bus at the intersection waiting his turn.
    He OBVIOUSLY did not expect a fast vroom vroom muppet.

    I think it is the funniest of all crashes, especially if you can already see by the way the biker drives that he is a muppet.

  5. I always notice in a small portion these crashes, had the victim been paying a little better attention the crash could have been avoided. I know the cameras tend to make the distances seem farther though sometimes it's hard to tell. It's still the idiot driver's fault for causing the wreck in the first place though, don't get me wrong.

  6. Rudimentary Physics lesson: Lesson 1 – All Actions have Consequences. Choose to do only those actions that result in the consequences you want. “The best way to predict your Future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

  7. completely un-natural & stupid to pass or overtake any vehicle on the right lane..why it is allowed in some countries is a mystery…the US transportation SB must review the 'driving code' because it is stupid and does not work..!!…add apes with brain damage driving cars..and it becomes a disaster.(observe EU two lanes motorways with no speed limit ,and you'll never see anyone pass a slower car on the right..!!)

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