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Hegseth: Democrats are attempting to 'dehumanize' political opponents


‘Fox & Friends Weekend' co-host Pete Hegseth criticizes Democrats' political tactics ahead of the midterm elections and weighs in on Vice President Harris' attack on the ‘activist' Supreme Court. #FoxNews

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Date: September 17, 2022

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42 thoughts on “Hegseth: Democrats are attempting to 'dehumanize' political opponents

  1. ,President Zelenskyy refused to comply with donald s-hole tr***'s extortion demands, leading to s-hole's impeachment #1. President Zelenskyy exposed tr***'s weakness and brought him down. President Zelenskyy refused to surrender to putin and forced putin into retreat exposing putin's weakness. Putin will be replaced. President Zelenskyy through his intelligence, honesty, integrity, and courage, defeated two of the most powerful tyrants on this planet. Slava Ukraini!

  2. Where did it ever say in the United States Constitution that killing babies under the guise of abortion is a right? Can anyone show me where it is written? Abortion is not and never was a Constitutional right.

  3. Before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade many states had restrictions on abortions. The hysteria created by the reversal is simple ignorance. It’s all political and nothing changed.

  4. It is worse than you are stating. The plan of the democrats is to silence all opponents and silence any look at the accuracy of an election so the next election can be modified in their favor without anyone daring to speak up.

  5. Trump had Top Secret in his Top desk drawer , No one is allowed to do that , he broke Old Laws , the first to do it , if it's ok , then Biden can do it , Is this what we want ? Not a Dem like me !

  6. Isn't that what beast do? Jude speaks of brute beast made to be taken and destroyed, that's gods word! Legalized sin destroys wonderfully, especially when us in Jesus pray! We're taking the USA back in Jesus name, thank you father! Amen!!!

  7. Biden and his henchmen have not stopped talking about Trump, Jan. 6th and Republicans speaking up against unfair elections in 2020. They continue to say how wrong Trump is and was. Democrats are falsely accusingTrump of crimes and lying all Republicans terrorists in order to sway upcoming primary elections. That is unconstitutional to interfere elections. This isn’t a bunch of people in the street. This is being said by sitting politicians and the President of the United States. FBI, DOJ, AG GARLAND and Mayorkus need to be prosecuted.

  8. And now wishy washy waffling Graham goes on a rant about a national law about abortion ! ?? Is he trying to lose the elections ? Enough already ! The supreme court follwed constituional by giving it to the states to decide.

  9. And I think the big tech all want to Joe Biden so they can take over this country and make it a socialist country and in it down once and for all day here in America knickers I have a communist America

  10. I never thought liberalism could become fascism, it was never an idea even in passing, but in 2016 and beyond America's Democrat party hijacked our alphabet departments and is showing us all how a fascist party with their enforcement goons and the media activist get it done…

    Sad times…

  11. Abortion is not a constitutional right and if you go through one and it's not a medical emergency you will never forget that you murdered your child take it from someone who's been through it you will never forget that baby unless you're a callous unconcerned inhuman individual now there are special circumstances but if you just do it to get rid of it you'll never forget it it will live with you for the rest of your life

  12. attn inventors:

    there should be a breathalyzer app that records the time and location!!

    all cars should have a breathalyzer that is activated at certain times…..that should stop "incentivised DUI arrests"

  13. Dems going back to their socialist roots. The Nazis were literally the socialist workers part of Germany. Dehumanizing people. Sound like someone today. The left.

  14. BREAKING: Federal judge slaps down the pathetic request from treasonous "Oath Keepers" leader Stewart Rhodes for a special master to be appointed to his sedition case — the judge says he has “no idea" why Rhodes made such a bizarre request. RT TO THANK THE JUDGE!

  15. Your daily reminder Rand Paul works for another country.

    August 8, 2018: Rand Paul hand delivers a letter from Trump to Putin

    May 12, 2022: Rand Paul blocks quick passage of a bill to provide Ukraine nearly $40 billion more in aid.

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