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Herschel Walker Surging In Polls Thanks To Fox News' Image Makeover


Herschel Walker has been going on conservative media (like Fox News) more than any other Republican candidate, and that favorable coverage appears to be paying off. In four of the last five Georgia senate polls, Walker is now shown beating his Democratic opponent Raphael Warnock by about 3 to 4 points. This is bad news for the country, as Walker is one of the least-qualified people to ever run for office. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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It may be time to start panicking just a little bit, at least for Democrats in the state of Georgia. Because according to four, out of the last six polls in that state four out of the last six, Herschel Walker is beating Rafael Warnock. Now about a week and a half ago, I talked about one poll, just one at the time that showed Walker beating Warnock by I think it was two to three points, right? And at the time I said, maybe this poll is an outlier. Maybe it's just, you know, something weird happened. And this isn't really what Georgia voters think. But now we got four out of the last six. So this does in fact represent a trend in the state of Georgia with Herschel Walker, winning and Warnock losing support right now. Now it is important to point out that the two poles that show Warnock winning show Warnock actually wiping the floor with Herschel Walker.

One of them an echelon pole has, uh, Warnock up by 10 points. The other one, a very trusted Quinnipiac poll has Warnock up by six points. So the rest of the polls are actually like state run, small polls, local media polls. So there is a big difference of course, from a massive polling operation like Quinnipiac versus, you know, Fox five Atlanta pole of 500 people. But we do need to pay attention to these trends because what's happening with Herschel Walker is that ever since Republicans look down at Georgian realized, holy crap, we've got somebody who can't even string a sentence together. As our candidate, they have been working around the clock to rehab his image. He has been going on Fox news multiple times every single week, Herschel Walker has and being, being, given these absolutely ridiculous softball interviews. You know, some of them edited in advance of course, to make him not look so dumb.

So Fox news has been instrumental in this image rehabilitation of Herschel Walker. Meanwhile, Warnock is getting no coverage at all. I mean, absolutely no national stories about Warnock. Other than these polling stories. He's not going on, uh, you know, corporate media to talk about anything. But Herschel Walker is Herschel. Walker is getting all the attention good or bad. And apparently when it comes to the voters, it's all good. So Warnock needs to step it up. This is an easy, easy race that he is in Herschel Walker should be nowhere near Warnock in the polls. And yet most of the polls now show Walker winning the democratic party has to step it up Warnock and his campaign have to step it up, you know, tremendously, because this is

An easily winnable race. Like you have to try hard to lose to Herschel Walker, but that's the reality in which we're living right now. So again, Warnock needs to step it up because that is a seat that the Democrats absolutely have to retain. It's bad enough. You've got polls in Nevada as well. That show that incumbent democratic Senator, Senator, uh, Catherine Cortez Mato. She is now losing to her Republican challenger. That was a seat Democrats assumed we were also gonna be retaining. So if we lose, lose these two seats, but only gained three, then it's a 51 49 Senate. And suddenly yeah, Joe mansion still has all the power. So does Kirsten cinema. If they, they gang up together, we have to retain these two seats. In addition to winning more, to make people like Joe mansion irrelevant, but a crappy campaign against Herschel Walker. Isn't going to give us that. So Warnock has to step it up the DNCs to step it up.


Date: September 16, 2022

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50 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Surging In Polls Thanks To Fox News' Image Makeover

  1. I'm not sure that it's so much about Walker's makeover as much as it is about the stupidity of the electorate in Georgia. If football means more to them than governance then, so be it. It's too bad the rest of us will be affected.

  2. One of the problems here is he played for the Georgia Bulldogs. That fact alone makes all of his shortcomings a non issue with these voters. I am from Marietta, just northwest of Atlanta, a good number of my family are as racist as they come but are still voting for him just because he played for UGA. I am convinced that is why he is doing as well as he is in the polls.

  3. How are his other alters doing in the polls? They are ALL on the ballot under the name Herschel Walker, after all. Why isn't anyone questioning this? He claims to have DID — multiple personality disorder. I doubt he does or even knows what that is, but why aren't reporters demanding to interview all of his alters since any one of them might show up in Congress on any given day?

  4. Well then, it’s a good thing Chuck Schumer was pumping money into supporting MAGA Republicans, instead of pumping money into supporting his own vulnerable/potentially vulnerable incumbents! 🤦🏻‍♀They’re called “priorities”, Chuckie … PRIORITIES!

  5. living in george i get at least to phone poles a week giving false info on Warnock trying to change peoples mind in favor of walker if you tell them wont change mind they hang up and call again next day clearly paid for by republicans and a conditioning attempt like brain washing

  6. Frankly … if the voters in Georgia… believe Herschel Walker… is their leader… despite all the evidence shows otherwise… then most likely… he’ll win the election… that’s politics… but the voters must live with the consequences of their decisions… for better or worse…

  7. Warnock is full on pulling a Clinton.
    Just taking his win as a given, the arrogance in these corporate idoits is staggering.

    Im not a fan of him, but he's a lot better than this brain damaged right wing lunatic.
    Maybe actually try to campaign reverend and prove yourself worth anything.

  8. Reverend/Senator Warnock is actually working for the people. The other guy? He's a concussed trump toadie. Guess we should ask Georgia how they'd like their representatives to represent them.

  9. It's not even possible that they don't know he's mentally damaged. Worst Senate candidate of all time. If he actually wins this country is far worse off than I thought.

  10. Justice may be blind but True and Loyal Americans who believe in Democracy are not! Mail in your ballot or get out and vote in ALL upcoming elections!

    Keep the politicians that are obviously against Democracy out of office! YOU CAN HELP STOP THE INSANITY! VOTE BLUE IN 2022!

  11. I vote for policies rather than candidates. The candidate is there to deliver the policy. If I were a republican, the last candidate that I would be voting for is an intelligent, articulate opponent of what I wanted. Ideally my party would have a good candidate, which Walker clearly is not, but whatever I would be voting for the candidate who would seek to advance my political agenda.

  12. I would not be surprised if brain damaged candidate wins. Some would say it’s a good candidate representation of Republican voter. Dems play dumb games by not messaging properly and spending money on fringe gop candidates. If they are not messaging about how unstable walker has been in the past than it’s negligence on the political party

  13. Warnock has no chance, Herschel Walker checks all the boxes for their savior: Dumb as Fuck, Womanizer, Sex outside of marriage, ignores kids, violent, lies everytime he opens his mouth, hates poor people, …….

    Clearly the most Christ like person since Trump.

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