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Homeless Bay Area Family Of Six Get By Living In Car


In the Bay Area, not all homeless people sleep in doorways and parks, but may still feel fear and shame about their situation. Elizabeth Cook reports. (6/29/16)


Date: September 16, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Homeless Bay Area Family Of Six Get By Living In Car

  1. Here we go again family complaining about being homeless having to live in their car but they have four kids which is not responsible at all and I guarantee theyโ€™ll go on to have a fifth. ๐Ÿ™„

  2. Its called you move out of the bay area. So many people will not move to where the jobs are because they like a specific area. Just move out of California in general and move to a more affordable state

  3. As a single mother I can't even get support from the government on 12 bucks an hour. I'm a landscaper and about to be living in my car with my kid. Because I don't want to have to be with a man to get by and in today's world this is how most women get stuck in abusive relationships. I hope this family is well and good now. Bless.

  4. They could drive that car somewhere more affordable to live, and probably get a better higher paying job too. They literally are in the perfect position to do this (bright side thinking)

    But people insist, and just can't handle the fact that all throughout human history. People nomaded their ass elsewhere when they couldn't survive where they're at. I've done exactly this, no cheap talk.

    Them saying there's no jobs anywhere that's affordable is absolute bullshit. Where I'm at the cost of living is 2/3s to 1/2 of what the bay area is, we got mad industry and tons of career jobs (many entry level) that PRODUCE something. They just dont want people leaving (with what money they have)..

  5. BAY AREA is hardly a place for decent housing unless u have a phd or higher degree! other states, YOU CAN CERTAINLY GET A JOB even in a grocery could afford living! when i was living in PA, i was waitressing at $2.35/hr plus tips for 4 years, afford my rent which is $900 and raising a kid. SOOOO SORRY if he think he cant leave the BAY area!

  6. Yeah, that would definitely discourage me from going public; fear that they would take my children. It's so easy to offer advice when you've never been in those shoe, but mom and dad, it might be a good idea at this point and in this day and age to stop having babies for starters. And keep that hope alive, not much else you can do in this New World Order Mine Control White Supremist Society.

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