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Homeless in New Zealand – thousands living in garages and cars


Once a pioneer of the social welfare state, New Zealand now has over 40,000 people who are homeless, forced to live in their cars and in garages as a result of rapid house price and rent rises and a shortage of social housing.

Al Jazeera correspondent Tarek Bazley visits South Auckland and meets two families – one with six children living in a derelict garage, the other who lived with three teenagers for months in their car – and charts the country’s fall from and egalitarian society to one with deep divisions of wealth

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Date: September 16, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Homeless in New Zealand – thousands living in garages and cars

  1. Responding government pffh selling housing u idiots any to make money. Give us the contracts so we can build evn hire the people with out housing a job and to complete this housing shortage

  2. For a land that is big enough to hold only 5 miilion people, it a disgrace that people are homeless. Actually alot of thing are not that expensive, it is speculation and a whole of other things. Many years back Japan had very expensive properties that require at least 3 generations to pay back and then the economy bubble burst and property market crashed and many people have superhyper inflat house. It can be resolved but New Zealand currently has a very incompetent Prime Minister who tries to hard to be 'woke' and her team is not able to deliver and accountable for all the money being used.

  3. No thanks to the useless nz government and media spinoffs, it get worst now they're trying desperately to quiet those wanting to be heard… Fuckwits…..

  4. To many overseas money hungry immgrants flooded in and bort 1000s of houses that's why new Zealand has a housing crisis immgrants shoukd have to rent in nz for 5 years before they can only buy one house we all have a birth certificate says what counrty hospital we are born in brain washing people's heads they try thinking they are new Zealanders but never read there birth certificate and most likely can't even speak English in a English speaking country makes me wonder why they even come here to begain with they may is well stay in the counrty that's on there birth certificate

  5. Growing up in Africa I thought it was only my continent which had poverty. When I moved to Australia then visited Los Angeles my mind was blown away by how so many people are poor and live on the streets.

  6. Ohh wow! So much has changed over the years. Its more affordable now than ever! 300 k plus increase in house prices! I am really looking forward to spending the rest of my life living in the car I cannot afford to put fuel in.

  7. The horrors of an impersonal science value being applied to the individual. Government will treat its citizens consistent with this value. NZ has slowly been becoming a Marxist Socialist nation. This is what it looks like in its infant stages.

  8. NZ Govt are proud of it, well educated uni graduates with degrees in any field who denied any knowledge of the flaws in our laws/policies of sales and ownership of properties to foreigners. Once the theft of our/NZ economy was committed by "Organised Crime", using legitimate organisations, offering bribes to blackmail and corruption of the hierarchy of government and it's official members, eventually laying false statements of any knowledge that they knew the flaws in the laws/policies about sales and ownership of properties to foreigners.
    Where they knew of their own sound mind that it would cripple NZ economy, the corporate governance of NZ (Organised Crime) was well prepared with the same old propaganda and the pass the problem onto the unsuspecting victims of NZ

  9. As a Nation we are obligated to address this horrendous issue. To accept and take into account the failures of the system. To simply walk away is not to take into account the responsibility of the failures contributed. The impacts and costs associated with the issue's attributed to the problem is substantial. It would make sense to fulfill the obligations and give our people the dignity and human rights they deserve. The potential of doing so will be greater than that of doing nothing.

  10. Id do anything to help others on the streets I have been homeless many times growing up in my teens I'm 20 now and living with my mum and I truly see the pain and hardship that comes from being homeless and the fear of safety like how I felt when I was a young woman on the streets alone it's terrible and makes you realise how hard people have to live every day now that I've been on that side I pray and give money whenever I can Bec there's not much else I my young self can do I'd opan my house to people needing it but I have also seen my own people in Auckland pretending to be homeless to get extra money it makes me cry with rage that someone would do that you'd might as well take the money from the homeless that's how I see it I'm sincerely sorry to all homeless that have to deal with people like that I have and I truly have never been more disappointed in the community in Auckland for that sort of disgusting behaviour

  11. Paula Bennet is a shining example of rising up from middle class disadvantage, to elite, career politician.

    All you have to do is stand up in front of crowds in election year and say what they want to hear. Get elected, then start legislating hard to increase the value of your real estate portfolio, lying about the promises you made to constituents and remaining invisible.

    Politicians aren't in it for the salary. They're there to influence the value of their real estate portfolios.

    Bennet spent most of her time in the ministries of social development, employment and housing, not improving these for her constituents. But developing her real estate portfolio. She has made no significant progress in any of the ministries she governed.

  12. You want the truth? Then forget all the bulldust comments and lies. Here is the real New Zealand story and how it actually is. New Zealand's main GDP is farming which is why land prices remain high. You see you cant eat into farming land without sacrifing GDP. Now the most important factor is the second biggest contributer to GDP, the building industry and all the "feed in" businesses that connect to it like brick manufacurers, cement, transport, timber etc Im sure you get the picture. So the short version is if you dont keep building new houses you will destroy that entire market. Now you cant just keep building houses and leave them empty unless you are China, then you can build entire mega cities to secure resources and leave them empty. Especially easy to do when you print your own currency and fully control it. Want to buy all the world's steel ?sure why not, print some more of that worthless paper and send it to those fools in exchange for all their steel. But I digress, so New Zealand HAS to keep the building industry alive and it can only do this by building more houses and then it needs people to fill those houses. Hence a very strong immigration focus. We keep bringing more and more foreigners into the country to fill all those houses we build. This cycle is what is driving prices up. As the houses are being built you NEED investors to buy them,because new immigrants arent allowed to and many cant because immigration itself is costly and more often its not those doing fantastically well in their home countries who choose to leave. So this cycle goes round and prices climb. Of course government policy particulary from the left wing communist minded Labour party causes rents to rise. If you dont believe check the stats of average median rent at Labour start to date. BUT here is the real kicker. The reason we have so many homeless is not entirely because of high rents but rather poor life choices. You see the number of people on the NZ housing list is growing daily. And the majority of these folk are poor quality tenants that investors do to want to rent to. They have bad credit, criminal records, are drug users and have caused damage to previous properties they have rented and often show anti- social behaviour and cause trouble with neighbours. They live off the benefit but most of their money goes towards alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and bills dont get paid. All the while law abiding tax paying citizens have to fit the bill. Once again check the stats. We also have an epidemic of single mothers, most are simply serial benefit breeders who often have multiple children from multiple fathers. You see each child earns you more benefit money. Its also easy to claim the benefit, simply state mental health as an issue and bam you are on for life. Now the bleeding hearts of the world would like to dismiss these facts but they can all be proven by looking at the stats. This is why extreme left wing groups like the Green party advocate more state housing. Their real agenda of course is to create dependacy so they can rule eternally and the corrupt leaders can enrich themselves while their dumb drones do as they are told and are told to except poverty as all are poor together, so be happy because your neighbour too is eating their own feaces tonight for dinner while the corrupt leaders eat eye fillet steaks .We have been doing it this way for so long now and the results speak for themself. So why not change and have rent paid directly to landlords from the government instead of to the benefitee who doesnt end up paying the rent. Why not issue a food card, and petrol card that can't get cashouts and cant buy alcohol and cigarettes. Why not be tougher on the drug war, yes Meth is an epidemic here and gangs run NZ. Why not make all benifitees have to pass a drug test before they can collect the benefit and test regularly. Many taxpayers are regularly tested at their place of work. So you have to pass a drug test to pay tax but you can collect tax in the form of a benefit while you are high as a kite. Makes no sense unless you are a lefty. Anti- social behaviour should not be tolerated and repeat offenders should be removed from society and placed on a secluded island and left to fend for themselves. You see if you wont obey societies rules then you should not be allowed to live in that society. But of course the bleeding hearts wont allow that. Teach life choice lessons and budgeting skills rather than just handing over cash. And make every able body, and most are, perform work to collect the benefit like clean the streets and public buildins etc. Dont just hand over cash and let them sit at home drinking and drugging and making more useless individuals that suck the life out of law abiding tax paying citizens and become another burden on their backs. Im sick of paying for the poor life choices of these lazy indivuduals. Vote for true change, lefties can go screw themselves, we need rule with one single agenda to make the lives of law abiding tax paying citizens lives better.

  13. Problem is houses to buy are almost a million to buy which mostly purchased by people overseas, renting is shockingly high, wages are low, food is expensive all adds to a unbalanced living for majority nzlanders.

  14. Australian Gov .. here is your future but you’re just far too stupid to realise it.
    Chinese infiltrating society and setting the ridiculous over inflated market, low end, middle and high end.

  15. It's worse now. We live in small dairy town and large towns are around an hour drive away. Our House market value has gone up 35% in 18 months, feel embarrassed to charge that price knowing the jobs around here are mainly seasonal or long term factory workers who have a 50 year turn over. Feel so sorry for those renters, we've been there with 5 kids and just managed to buy on 1 income. Hope things are better for these families. All the best 💓

  16. The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever is appointed over the affairs of people in any way and he conceals benefit from the weak and the needy, Allah will conceal benefit from him on the Day of Resurrection.”

  17. The Truth is Nobody cares if people are jobless or homeless. Nobody wants to help and in order to get or qualify for help, there are multiple criterias that one has to meet. Ive been battling depression and suicidal thoughts for years after loosing my son and my livelihood through the "JUSTICE SYSTEM" of NZ. Ive lost everything and now Iam jobless cause all this mental stress has taken its toll. Ive been living in a van for 2 years and applying for jobs but I cant seem to get a break. Even though Iam a qualified and experienced I.T graduate with Telecommunications and Fibre experience, it seems that its not what you know matters but whom you know…. This is a truly cold and heartless world we live in… no compassion or kindness… just greed and selfishness….

  18. Its a governance problem and the result of poor government policies. There are solutions but it's not politically expedient to apply them because the people who are benefitting are in control.
    You want solutions?
    1. Restrict foreign ownership of real estate
    2. Change zoning restrictions to allow greater density
    3. Change the building code to allow smaller, cheaper dwellings.
    4. Institute a tax to prevent real estate speculation, where people pay the a high rate of tax on any price increase if the property is sold within 5 years.
    5. Provide government backed mortgages for first time home buyers who may not have the credit rating to qualify otherwise.

    These suggestions will never happen because the present system is benefitting existing home owners see their house prices going up and think that they're making tons of money. The reality is that they're falling further behind, because as price of their homes increase, so does the difference between their homes and the prices of any other houses they want to buy – so no one is any further ahead.

  19. Adern is only concerned with woke pc rubbish, look at her crazy environment minister. I feel sorry for these people, if governments spend money on its citizens first before donating to others it would be great.

  20. Ive been in a boarding house for 13 years it has 14 other people its cheap and i have a awesome view of Titirangi aka Kaiti hill. im in no hurry to go back into the costly flat scene.

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