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Horror Short Film "Let Her Go" | ALTER


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In an act of jealousy, David hits his young bride demanding to know who’s the guy calling over the phone on their wedding night. Little does he know that his wife hides a secret so dark and dangerous that once it’s out nothing can ever be the same.

“Let Her Go” by Arie Socorro

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More About “Let Her Go”:
David and Sonya are a couple of newlyweds staying in a hotel in Mexico City during the 70's. Ready to spend a romantic wedding night, the couple is constantly interrupted by a stranger who keeps calling. On the other side of the line, a person with a dark past warns David to get out of there immediately or face the consequences of being married to Sonya.
David, confused, seeks to confront both Sonya and the stranger on the phone to unravel the mystery that surrounds them, leading them to a violent resolution.

“Let Her Go” Credits
DOP / Germán Lammers
PD / Jorge “Vujo” Vujosevich
MUA / Roberto Ortíz
WRD / Paulette Garda
MC / Carlos Vertiz
VFX / Enrique “Quix” Sánchez
LP / Pepe Moreno
AD / Vanessa Racenis
CAST / Mercedes Gironella

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Date: September 15, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Horror Short Film "Let Her Go" | ALTER

  1. There is not enough lighting for effect. When the bald guy pulled the knife, I need to hear and see it distinctly. There is not enough lighting throughout the short. I ❤ the storyline. 🙂

  2. This one is straight up horror. It was effective with the lighting and atmospheric setting.
    None of us want to believe that someone we love could hurt us. Love can be blind indeed.
    I also liked the character that was trying to help. Like the husband , the viewer gets to ponder the caller's motive.
    Here Is one of my takes: I think it is also possible that the female character was really in love and wanting to be done with her monstrous self. Then she was exposed and had to act in self preservation.
    Solid work. Great job and many thanks to Arie Socorro Pizarro and the cast and crew.

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