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How Homeless College Students Get by at California's Humboldt State | NowThis


For a shocking number of students, the college experience means living in your car to avoid massive debt. These two students showed us how they get by while homeless and in college.
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1 in 5 college students at Humboldt State University in California are homeless. It's among the worst-affected public colleges in a nationwide crisis. This is what they face every day.

Jasmine is a 23-year-old kinesiology major at Humboldt. She's been living homeless amongst her peers for a year and is open with friends about it to learn who is going through something similar. She has a full ride academic scholarship. She carries what would be her bedroom closet in a shoulder bag.

California's unaffordable housing crisis and the rising cost of college are putting students in a rough spot. An estimated 50,000 students in the California State University system are experiencing homelessness.

Nolan is a junior at Humboldt state studying geology but you'd never know that he's homeless. Nolan lives out of his car. According to Jasmine, 3 or 4 students can be seen sleeping in their cars in the parking lot overnight.

Chante Catt, off-campus housing liaison at HSU, blames the local student homelessness on the housing stock, Airbnb, and the policies and practices of the property managers in the area. Nolan and Jasmine have avoided taking out students loans to pay for housing because of the future financial burden.

For more information and resources on college student homelessness visit and

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Date: September 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “How Homeless College Students Get by at California's Humboldt State | NowThis

  1. They don’t want to change it? Students like me smarten up and ditch 4-year institutions. Costs are too high, surviving is hard, and your not guaranteed a job at the end. Oh but you have guaranteed debt, even garnish you wages. College is a scam

  2. I camped out of my truck, house sat, and slept at work for two years while going to Humboldt for a BS degree. Then while going to San Jose State for a terminal degree I stept out of my car for 1.5 years. During my 8 years of higher education I acurred a $20,000 debt. I work 30 plus hours a week during the school year and fulltime over the summer. I felt proud of what I had accomplished.

  3. This is awful these poor kids trying to get an education to better themselves…there deserve to have a place to lay there head on …I hope and pray and I hope they don't give up and keep fighting it will get better just hold on …

  4. I had to go through this at 23 years old as well and I can attest that It’s a hard mental battle. Especially being a veteran, I had no one to call on and was starving myself for days. I remember selling my phone to the ecoatm for food money. Im 25 now and I make about 70k a year. Life gets better, some of us just have to start from the bottom

  5. Meanwhile I'm living in a building that's specifically for students and pay 313€ of rent every month (a subsidized rate. It'd be 600-700€ at market rate). The building and many others like it are owned by the city's student association. Additionally, the state helps me by paying me 506€ a month (It previously paid 480€, but there was an index increase). You can also take out a government-guaranteed student loan at 0.5% marginal + market rate (about 0.25% at the moment). You can get up to 40% back of 18 000€ in loans if you graduate in time (standard time plus one additional year). So, 6200€ max.

    You can also work while studying. If you get government support for 9 months during the year, you can earn about 15 000€ on the side without it affecting your government allowance. The point is that it's all about policy! What kind of a society do you want to have? What do you prioritize?

  6. I don't trust many things anymore what I do trust is that those kids are homeless going to college which is the sadest part. I hope they all get jobs once they graduate

  7. This is sad in so many lvls.
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    God created the universe and earth in his divine image along with that he created man and women. Adam and Eve who we're were the first people to live along side him in harmony. But when man was tempted and ate of the fruit of God and evil we lost everything and sin came into the world through them.
    God seeing man fall into such despair and destruction through our sins, later on made Jesus christ in order to teach us his ways in order to reach his kingdom. Jesus died the death we all deserved but he was the sacrifice that played a role in order to have all our sins forgiven by God and no longer have the need to sacrifice animal's in that place. Jesus laid dead for 3 days and rose up in the 3rd day by the spirit of God proving that the sacrifice was accepted.
    If we choose to believe and accept jesus christ as your lord and savior, your sins will be forgiven and you will rejoice in paradise along side him in heaven.

  8. So did u at least ask her where she got the 30 to 40 odd thousand dollars to by her van mate ? Im sure u did but left that part out Ya Ps. Not to mention many of theses spolt American children will never even use there uni degrees in there life time in a job as its basically all for show n just wats done in america after your leave high school 'well when your uperclass anyway.. bloody pathetic as most of them should be should be out there working a full time job n they wouldn't be needing to live in there cars but they want to do wat all the other kids do after school n thats go to university n most knowing full well they will never ever even use there degrees lol but its all about the predigest of it all haha how ridicules 'like why dosnt this go on in Australia 'I can tell u why Its bc most kids do not go to uni when they leave school bc it hasnt got the glamour associated wit it heir like America thats why n the few who do go most all will use there uni degree when they get it in there job n it will not be wasted n just something every other kid did like in the States, actally there isnt any other country in the world that i can think of were so many kids go to university but then will not go on to use that degree in there working years.bc in America u r looked down on if u didnt get your education i no that much or were brought up on the fringes n not middle or upper class, its so sad but most cant even see it.

  9. 2:35 Ya n were did she get all that money to buy such a mad -van, im in my 50s n cant even afford one that nice..come on the full story isnt being told heir sadly i no that much. uni students normally dont even have the money to run a car let alone own one that nice.

  10. Been living in my paid off Prius for months now and the struggles that come with this way of living far outweigh the burden of debt. I run from loans! I’m not about putting more money in the bank’s pockets. Only my own.

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