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‘How Is The Border Secure?’: Fox News Reporter Grills Jean-Pierre On VP Kamala Harris’ Recent Claim


On Tuesday, Karine Jean-Pierre held a White House Press Briefing.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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38 thoughts on “‘How Is The Border Secure?’: Fox News Reporter Grills Jean-Pierre On VP Kamala Harris’ Recent Claim

  1. Say what ??
    We don't want to hear all those lie's. So, so sick of all this Biden Regime's lie's, deception, and distractive practice's. Stop the games. Just get this Country back to were it was when Trump was in the White House.

  2. Just build a wall. It's not invective. It would close our border and illegal immigrants would not be coming through. Democrats have an open border. They went against the wall the whole time Trump was in office.

  3. Lies,, Lies, Lies… I live in El Paso, Texas! We are flooded with migrants! The border is open and they are flocking in here with no issues… this is wrong 😑 look at Migrants in El Paso on YouTube.. 😡

  4. My god what a fool…Let’s see 100,000 people dead from fentanyl.. 4,000,000+ IN OUR COUNTRY at taxpayers expense since these idiots have been in office,, but it’s the last administrations fault ,, if you believe that then you believe in fairytales.. And Biden being innocent

  5. Miss green eyes,, continues to lie and literally make stuff up,, a broken system .?.., but she never says what’s broke about it,, why don’t they just simply say “that’s it no more people are allowed” in the country except through the legal means, then they would stop coming idiot,, she is an absolute fool, and a total embarrassment,, Jean Pierre

  6. I'm SO SICK OF THE LIES!! Does anyone still believe what this administration says despite emperical proof they're destroying this country? If so, they are idiot too and need to look around them and think what it was like 2-3 years ago; economy good, border safe, energy self sufficient-the complete opposite of what it's like today! Biden and administration need to get the hell out of our country and go to where communism is-NOT HERE.

  7. the migrants being bused to these liberal towns is a reaction to being ignored by this failing administration. ignoreing cancer in your body has consequences. you cant fix stupid. and ignoring you have a big problem is stupid,jean pierre.

  8. This administration is full of lies. What kind of background does this KJP have because it seems that she doesn't no what she is talking about. Get your story straight and stop comparing and complaining about President Trump and Republicans. That does not what the WH is supposed to do. There is no big donkey on the front of the WH. You represent the American people. Think girlie!!!

  9. I primarily vote Democrat and as intelligent as she is, listening to KJP in this role makes me nervous. Not every job is a good match for everyone. And the issue of border control no longer falls on Trump though he seriously did not help the issue. It is now a Biden-Harris issue and needs to a nationwide news headline to be talked about and talked about until it improves greatly.

  10. Wow I can’t believe what I just heard you’re literally gonna blame the prior administration fact check Jean Pierre oh Biden the border was secure before you took office Biden! You people wouldn’t know the truth if it sat on your face would you speaking again to the administration. Just goes to show you cannot fix stupid talking about Jean Pierre and her lies and Biden administration. Shame on you guys try to act like we Americans are stupid you need to wake up you need to grow up you need to grow a pair of balls do the right thing secure our border with the wall and the technology quit trying to blame everyone else this is on you all the rapes all the deaths we the American people hold you Biden and people like Jean Pierre accountable for it the blood is on your hands!!!!

  11. Karine Jean-Pierre should be in Leavenworth Prison for her treason against the Constitution.
    She is not an elected official, and her master hasn't had a press conference since January 22.

  12. They keep saying we have a broken immigration system that was Trump's fault as their excuse for their failures at the border but have been in power for almost 2 years now when are they going to fix system then and stop blaming prior administration.

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