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How I've Maintained 100% Positive Feedback On Ebay


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Date: September 16, 2022

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25 thoughts on “How I've Maintained 100% Positive Feedback On Ebay

  1. Not sure I made this point clearly in the video: Ebay has sided with me and removed my negative feedbacks because I've been in the right each time, the buyers were just being careless or vindictive. If I had actually done something wrong or been negligent towards the buyers, they may well have left the feedback up.

  2. Love eBay but they refuse to remove a negative feedback from someone complaining about the size of an item. Had it listed as an XL and in the description notated that “as photos show this is an XXL but due to measurements I listed it as an XL”. So unfortunately the buyer didn’t look at the photos as well as read the description. I’m baffled why eBay won’t remove the feedback 🙁

  3. Thanks for the tip about reporting a threat for extortion. Great suggestions! Maybe you could share your tips for getting people to leave feedback? I send them a 15% off coupon as a "thank you for sending feedback" regardless right after item shows delivered.

  4. I agree with you. I have a no returns policy, but if I mess up or someone is really mad I just give a full refund. It’s not worth my time to argue with people over $20. That’s time I could be listing. I also don’t use the over the top language either, just apologize and offer a refund.

  5. Do you ever get buyers who want to ask a lot of weird questions about an item before they buy it ? I had one who was asking me about the origins of a handmade doll. I told her where I purchased it but that I had no idea of it's life before me . She went on and on with questions. I was like….nope ! Ain't doing it and blocked her . I trust my instincts . I also show measurements rather than list them . I have literally had someone come at me for being the tiniest bit off on a brooch measurement. In all my years of reselling I have had only a few maniac assholes 🤣😂

  6. I always message ahead and ask how they want to proceed if the item is flawed. Depending on the flaw, I will give the appropriate refund. Mostly in the $5-10 range. Thank God I haven't had to do it often 😁

  7. Love this video, people need to share this to all the negative ebay seller facebook groups. So many sellers think everyone is against them and trying to scam them. I agree with eBay always siding with you and removing feedback if you offer free returns and do everything right. I have had the same experience.

  8. Matt this is a great topic and you covered it very well, no doubt saving a few sellers butt in the future if they listen to your advice and past experiences.
    I really believe the order of actions are crucial, don’t call eBay first, when you call eBay you want them to see you did everything in your power to make the customer happy(refunds already sent, apology messages sent) this improves your odds…Thanks

  9. A few years back I asked a buyer to remove underserved neutral feedback by submitting a feedback revision request. I agreed to give her a total refund. Once I refunded her she reworded the feedback but it was still negative. Because she changed the neutral to a positive I had no ground to stand on with Customer Service so the feedback, which was sarcastic and nasty remained for what seemed like eternity till it was buried by positive comments. Negative comments never go away, if someone does enough digging they can find it. I no longer sell the type of item that was involved because I had to reeducate Ebay agents every time there was a problem. Never sell an item that requires skill or knowledge to use because when the buyer gets frustrated they will very often take it out on the seller. What is your stance on submitting a feedback revision request to the buyer as opposed to approaching Customer Service?

    I sold fertile bird eggs BTW which can be quite lucrative especially with the rarer breeds. It is very risky business however because not everyone can incubate them successfully and they only have a 50% success rate on average.

  10. I've been selling on eBay a little over a year now and have only good interactions with customer service. I had a lady leave a very nasty review (even though I accept returns, and told her I accept returns) because the item didn't fit her, and yes I have measurements. The review was my first negative and so nasty eBay took it down, lol.

  11. I just got two negative feedbacks within 6 months due to fit when I provided measurements & size in listing. eBay refuses to remove it. Maybe if I was a vlogger on eBay they would remove it

  12. I just blocked some asshole on Poshmark for giving me a 3 star rating. He said the shirt was stretched out. I asked if he would consider changing it and he said only if I refunded the 15 bucks. Jerk

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