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How Sound Is Used To Create Suspense In Horror Movies | Movies Insider


How do you convey the presence or someone or something in a scene without the audience actually seeing it? That's the special challenge of horror-movie sound design. In this episode of “Movies Insider,” we visited Alchemy Post Sound, the Foley studio behind “The Invisible Man” and a slew of other horror projects, to find out how horror movies use sound to play with viewers' minds.

We had one of Alchemy's founders, Foley artist Leslie Bloome, break down a few scenes from “The Invisible Man” as case studies, recreating how his team made sounds as subtle and detailed as a faucet squeak or a faint wind chime. He also showed us how Foley artists create a range of classic horror-movie suspense sounds, from unsettling creaks to mysterious gusts of wind, and explained how all these carefully crafted sounds come together to ratchet up the tension in horror scenes, making climactic moments feel larger than life.

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How Sound Is Used To Create Suspense In Horror Movies | Movies Insider


Date: September 18, 2022

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40 thoughts on “How Sound Is Used To Create Suspense In Horror Movies | Movies Insider

  1. Don't get me wrong, foley is always going to be fascinating. However, this highlighted style of sound design, specifically for horror movies, is one of the main reasons why everyone I know doesn't take Blumhouse/modern horror projects seriously. When everything is shot like a domestic thriller/drama, a phone that sounds like a jackhammer or a house that silences like it's in a vacuum doesn't sound suspenseful or horrifying; it just sounds funny

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  3. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a sucker for older movies with cheaper scares and not the best sfx (compared to now) but movies like the invisible man really have my heart. The way that movie gave me so much anxiety and fear, and being domestic violence victim myself, this movie gave me a feeling not many scary movies have. And I think it’s beautiful that something that was all made up can do that.

  4. The invisible man wasnt really scary tbh. The leading lady wasnt even a 4/10 so why the dude kept going after her, maybe he had a thing for ugly chicks. Also music and creepy sounds always killed the mood and broke tension for me.

  5. I hate jumpscares. It's just cheap and uninspired. Of course you get a short scare moment when the sound level gets ten times louder then normal but that has nothing to do with horror. Its just a physical reaction. You could as well give people low voltage electrical shocks. Stuff like this is not filmmaking it is physical abuse.

  6. In a piece about subtle sounds … how about having the narrator shut up once in a while? Particularly when that sound effect is being demonstrated? And how about not using your own lift music when showing the scenes your referring to. Just a though …

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