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HOW TO LIVE IN A CAR – A day in the life + tips & tricks


How to live in a car. I have lived in a car for 3 years, some of these tips might be helpful if you want to or have to do this. More free information

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1. get an unlikely people mover car to blend in, 2. tint the windows,. 3. remove back seats and build a comfortable bed,. 4. park somewhere safe, 5. dont spend too long in one place,. 6 find something to do during the day to get money(any job is good), 7. Join a gym and stay fit physically and mentally, 8. subscribe to this channel for more hobo tips and tricks.
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Gear list and things that i find useful:

window tint
Gas stove
pot, cup, knife fork and spoon
usb powered stereo
usb outlets
12v switches

thanks for watching this channel, i produce 100% real content to help out those that are looking for this information. If you are about to live in your car be safe, be well and good luck

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Date: September 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “HOW TO LIVE IN A CAR – A day in the life + tips & tricks

  1. Im thinking of doing the same thing. Living out of my chevy tracker. Your set up is very minimal. I have a good part time job. Goal is to put some money away. Living more simply. Im 57 years old in the states. Any advice?

  2. You should kiss the ass of the car, a car can protect you from cold an hot of you don't afford money to rent. A car can transport you wherever you like. A car can be a shelter, a transporter, a racer, a structure of a home only for bed. If you don't know the value of your car, you don't value yourself.

  3. I did it here in the UK, for 3 months in 2019, out of necessaty! It was absolutely terrifying at first, but I kept telling myself that it could be much worse! At least I had my car so I never had to sleep rough.
    I actually miss it now!
    Thank you

  4. This is definitely one way to save a ton of money. What's sad about doing this is you have to have an address to receive mail and renew your drivers license. I honestly don't know how you can keep your car legally without an address. I tried to research this but an address is required by law to keep a license and the car. How do you keep your car doing this?

  5. I dont get it, if you planning on living in a car, why not buy a van? i get it when it just happens and you make the best of it, but if i was planning on living in a "car" i would buy a van, don't have to be a huge one, but something with better space and less windows, etc…Just doesn't make sense to em planning to do this is a car….

  6. "hottest day of the year, about 29th January" he says. "30 degrees C" he says. I cry in Northern European. Not the glamorous bit of Northern Europe you understand. Not a winter wonderland. This is England. Winter here just means the rain is colder

  7. Keeping it simple is the best way to go…kudos to you. I have my SUV setup for sleeping and car camping which is great in the summer but can be a challenge in our Canadian winters. Tomorrow I go pick up a folding bike that has been gifted to me. I guess I"ll see where this crazy journey takes me. Stay safe and real…….

  8. I love your simplicity man!! Didn't know you live in NZ, my favourite country!! Wish I could come back to live there another year. I actually did all the south island by bicycle, loved it every day.
    Keep it up and keep sharing!!

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