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How to Live in a Small Car! Fantastic Tiny Subcompact Car Build Out!


In today's video we see a miracle happen before our eyes—a tiny car turned into a comfortable tiny home, that gets 37 MPG! A good friend of mine converted his sub-compact car into a remarkably comfortable little space by taking out the back seat and the passenger seat. He then used 2×2's and plywood to make a flat floor with openings to use all the storage room in the foot wells and where the seat was. Finally, he used inexpensive bins to make excellent storage and organization. I think you will be amazed at what a pleasant life you can have in such a small space! I hope if you are forced to live in a car, this gives you HOPE that your life is not over, in fact the best times of your life may be ahead of you!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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21 thoughts on “How to Live in a Small Car! Fantastic Tiny Subcompact Car Build Out!

  1. I know this video was 2.5 years ago, but it really helped me. I want to get a minivan to travel, But it's unfortunately not feasible right now so I'm looking at doing little trips In my Hyundai accent hatchback… All the ideas here have helped so much in my planning! Thanks Bob and the person who made this design!

  2. Great set up ! Unfortunately we can't really do it in France because there's something called Contrôle technique every 2 years and the car won't pass if there are modification such as removed seats… thanks a lot for this video, I really appreciate it 🌿🌸 !

  3. Thank you for sharing this awesome video, Bob!

    I believe I found the solution for my 2016 Nissan Versa, however I’m have this fear of removing the seats! You know what they say, “the life that you want is on the other side of fear.” Thanks again!!

  4. Great video; I have a ‘03 Jetta TDI, 5 speed (w/ 300K). I’ve slept in it for short stints while traveling, w/ seats in, not that comfortable the way she is now.

    I’m guessing the Jetta is bigger…and gets 50mpg.

    Also car top carrier would add dramatically to storage.

    I could tow my full size Harley, because my Jetta has been stage 3 tuning & taller 5th gear.

    I love this video; my Jetta would work wonderfully for this.

  5. The coraplast under the solar panel is a great idea. I have a large van but i have medical issues that make me very temperature sensitive and I will be traveling with my preteen who is also temperature sensitive due to medical issues so I need a lot of power so I can have cooling power. I plan on pairing fixed panels on the roof with folding panels snd i have thought about also putting a flex panel on the hood for some extra wattage, but I have really worried about engine heat.

    I think between hood insulation and this coraplast, I can feel better about trying it out.

  6. That IS remarkable! I have a Honda SUV and if I need to be nomadic, I'd also take the seats out. Amazing space! I love your educational videos. Thank you for sharing and teaching us all how to live FREE! 😊

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