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How Two Rookie Cops Cost Their Town $325,000


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Welcome to Audit the Audit, where we sort out the who and what and the right and wrong of police interactions. Help us grow and educate more citizens and officers on the proper officer interaction conduct by liking this video and/or subscribing.

This video is for educational purposes and is in no way intended to provoke, incite, or shock the viewer. This video was created to educate citizens on constitutionally protected activities and emphasize the importance that legal action plays in constitutional activism.

Bear in mind that the facts presented in my videos are not indicative of my personal opinion, and I do not always agree with the outcome, people, or judgements of any interaction. My videos should not be construed as legal advice, they are merely a presentation of facts as I understand them.

This video falls under fair use protection as it has been manipulated for educational purposes with the addition of commentary. This video is complementary to illustrate the educational value of the information being delivered through the commentary and has inherently changed the value, audience and intention of the original video.

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Date: September 19, 2022

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35 thoughts on “How Two Rookie Cops Cost Their Town $325,000

  1. When officers do things like this.Instead of the taxpayers paying the lawsuit settlement bill they should just start taking the money from these officers pensions when they commit these crimes.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the actual video itself but what is up with this thumbnail? Lol like what’s the point of the arrow to a picture of this chick with glasses on 😂

  3. They are peace officers. They don't have a right to anything. They have duties and obligations. She could file a suit against the man who punched her. He's not a cop 24/7. He can be used for his trespass against her rights. Slam dunk case.

  4. ATA is a cop bootlicker. He gives the young lady an F. I would have given her a B. There is no excuse for two cops punching a 90lbs girl in a swimsuit. She clearly wasn’t armed and wasn’t drunk. This is why the city paid out the $.

  5. Young bucks are only acting out what they were taught by a mentor or superior. Think about that. I had 4 cops show up, all super young cops, but very relaxed, very professional, matter-of-fact attitudes and dispositions. No escalation or confrontation.

  6. That's why my father and I teach my son's also. The long game.
    U can always wait 16 to 20 months down the road. Every one forget this little case, but u punch my child or wife. Idk what they done. Whatever? I know I can hit as t least 150 yards. We with my Remington 700. In these Tennessee mountains. They became gang members to me when the my put that Blue suit on and joined there power cult. And me and my father retired from Government jobs in a rural area. I know the secret corruption.

  7. You see how they grade a person disrespect the person we are nothing in the eyes of the law expendable just another person to throw in jail to put handcuffs on to hit or nothing and why do the cops get shot this is why these young punks that are posing as cops and given a badge by the state are the worst criminals we have in this country these young punks are the ones that are going to get killed because they're the ones that they're going to use to fight against us this is the truth they have no respect no regards for humanity they don't respect their own parents they're disrespectful coming out of the school system they curse curse and degrade women their own parents and their own family this is disgusting but if some individuals at that beach would have stood up lawfully like they could have and stop this from happening and hurt the cops in some way then there be a big parade of these poor cops that were brutally murdered and they would commemorate them with 10 gun salute the American flag for these bastards

  8. Its always white insecure cops that created there own law for there insecurity's to use as a weapon to the public. Police is a tax paid job to serve the public.

  9. I am watching this vids for a while and wondering how come that you still think you are land of a free. Seriously most of this shit wouldn't happened in any or at least most EU countries.

  10. Trouble is with "use of force"
    It's open ended the way its written so cops interpret that as
    "I can do WTH I like" when making an arrest that's why cops escalate every opportunity💯

  11. I remember seeing this video. It was shocking & very infuriating. I can’t believe he beat up that little girl over his own ego. If she was black those officers would’ve been fired & arrested & the city would’ve paid millions. I’m glad she was able to sue the city for a little change..

  12. I'd like to give you legal advice and I will. Statutes are not for the people it is only jurisdiction over government agents not the people. How would you be governed by consent and give them this type of authority over you. You don't. I win in court because I speak truth. I win money and they pay. 42 USC 1983 , 18 usc 241, 18 USC 242. They are fined I'm most cases 250k per violation to the people. Research it type them numbers in and read it. You to can own these servant agents of the government. The corporation 🤔 when does a corporation have authority over you. They lie and abuse you if you don't know the law. Legal and lawful are separate things also. And if an officer is making an illegal arrest you as the people have the right to defend yourself to the point of taking the officers life and any one around them as the people may assist in that. Truth look it up
    And look it up as legal not scoops or bs sites

  13. Here we have tweetle D and tweetle dumb, and after the one got super butt hurt by a young woman he decided to show her and everyone else just how tough he truly is… By slamming a small woman wearing a bikini into the sand, because that's what true tough guys do! Sadly, when some cops see someone like her, or someone with a disability (physically or mentally) , a minority, or even someone who's elderly they get excited. Not all cops but some love punching down just to show how tough they are, and how much authority they have over someone!

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