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HUGE $600 YESSTYLE HAUL | back to school/y2k try-on haul


a huge yesstyle haul for back to school clothes!! kinda y2k vibe me thinks

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white bralette I'm wearing:

blue candle:
white candle:
bathroom shelf:

distressed halter:
double tank:
open knit sweater:
cropped crochet shrug:
brown tie top:
basic tanks:
basic crop top:
basic full length top:
green long sleeve:

high waist straight leg jeans:
**cargo jeans i've loved from yesstyle:
parachute pants:
track pants:
white cargo pants:
low rise bootcut jeans:

polo dress:
floral midi:
babydoll dress:
cargo skirt (it's growing on me):

curved canvas tote:
**rectangular shape:
corduroy mini tote:
necessary stuff tote:

grey zip up:
love that for you hoodie:
varsity jacket:

bra/underwear lounge set:
THEE sandals:

I N S T A G R A M:

Age: 21
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro


Date: September 17, 2022

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24 thoughts on “HUGE $600 YESSTYLE HAUL | back to school/y2k try-on haul

  1. pls don't donate the trash quality clothing!! Nobody wants to go to the thrift store and find Shein clothes or Shein quality clothes. A tip that I use while shopping is looking in the description to see what fabric the clothing is made out of and if the place ur shopping from has reviews look at the pics and it'll give u a good idea of how the quality is!

  2. hey! really love your hauls and your videos btw, you've been one of my favorite fashion influencers on the platform for a while!

    I just see a lot of comments about the ethics of fast fashion hauls and I do agree that it's painful seeing the defect items be donated by influencers, as people who can only afford thrift store clothing would probably not enjoy most of the items as well, resulting in waste. This is not criticism to you directly as I know this is your job, but just to the community in general.

    I'm also a college student with minimum wage income, and I've depended a lot of fashion fashion sites like yesstyle and h&m, so I love that you're giving your viewers ideas on accessible fashion! Buying "sustainable" items is just not a reality for most people. I just think that it would be a lot more helpful to not promote overconsumption and instead, next time you order from fast fashion websites maybe you can show how to carefully select items you know you'll love. Of course these websites are always a hit or miss so items won't always be perfect, and that's ok! It will definitely cut down the amount of items ending up in donation bins however.

    Spreading awareness on the longevity of fast fashion items/ how to make them last can also be really impactful. I love that you have pieces you've kept for so long, and I have fast fashion pieces I've been wearing for 3-4 years with no problem. It just comes down to mindful buying, and spreading awareness that this is possible! A lot of the discourse comes from big spending hauls and people being influenced to do the same, so seeing some changes would be nice once in a while <3

  3. i liv in turkey and for the economic reasons turkish lira is dying and every clothing idem is too expecieve for ex the first jacked you showed is 200 liras 200 for a sweatshirt you guys are lucky just wanted the mention

  4. I don’t understand why “influencers” make hauls PROMOTING FAST FASHION… more understandable when it’s someone who can’t afford more expensive clothing but…. for an influencer who SPENT 600$ for a video for sure had the means to go buy herself quality product that wasn’t made by someone who’s getting paid barely anything and are like 11.. social media influencers play such a big role. Also the fact that you made one of these videos a month ago…. and are still complaining that some of your items are bad quality, what did u expect. i like ur videos & your vibe but cannot support influencers constantly supporting & promoting this!

  5. Why do these hauls still exist? I'm pretty sure that if you can buy 600$ dollars worth of fast fashion, you can afford to buy more expensive but good quality clothes that are actually gonna last you so much longer… 🙁

  6. I really don’t get spending that much money on fast fashion when our environment is already fucked up just to donate the majority of this stuff… maybe that’s just me tho

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