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HUGE LAWSUIT! These Cops Had NO IDEA What They Were Doing!


UPDATE: Since the writing of this episode the trial was moved to a neighboring county and postponed until October 3, 2022.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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33 thoughts on “HUGE LAWSUIT! These Cops Had NO IDEA What They Were Doing!

  1. The first time I am on the side of vegans. He openly explains it is nothing professional, but a personal issue, and he is grossly abusing his power as a co0. What an idiot, talk about self incriminating.

  2. As an aside, typically a person can't just show up at one of these type events and put up a booth without contacting the event organizers, or rather that would be very unusual. I don't know what the law says in this matter, maybe it is perfectly legal to do so. Either way, it would certainly ruffle some feathers on its own regardless of the content of the booth.

  3. I can understand the cop feeling as he does but he is in uniform, behind a badge! When I was in uniform and behind my gold badge you did not know anything besides I was a county employee and purely professional. I handed out my issued business card with the chief's personal phone number hand written on the back. Not once did anyone call to complain or report me. If any of my people acted in the way these cops acted, I would have taken care of the problem. On the side of the citizen. In my opinion.

  4. Unfortunately, it is too commonplace to see officers overreach by hiding behind their badges. The older officer is clearly undereducated in CURRENT law (yes, the law changes) and will most likely be forced into retirement or let go. He let emotions get the best of him, and now it will cost the town of Beaver a hefty settlement.

  5. Red State will always defend agricultural business and bigger business. It's Utah! I've been told that Utah breaks more EPA standards than most states. Lots of animal abuse too I'm sure like Idaho. However, people that eat red meat, pork, factory farmed chickens are almost as guilty. And of course , puppy mills. However, AKC makes tons of money from puppy mill monsters.

  6. The officer had a legitimate concern. They were in fact protecting the stupid activist. I'm sure many of the citizens whose lives were disrupted my Smithfields closure would have liked to take him and his group and tear them into tiny pieces with their bare hands.

  7. Local codes, regs, ords, & statutes do not super cede the Bill of Rights. Public servants acting like your master is a massive problem today. Specially ones that walk up & purposely pick a fight with someone they do not like personally. And the police won, because this trial & injunction was postponed, proving the Judges are even more corrupt than the police.

  8. These people demonstrate they became police officers so that they could be the deciding factor inventing how it is they also demonstrate that they did not become law enforcement officers to enforce laws

  9. If you learn to use wide view you may document even more of the encounter about 2/3 more but if you stay stuck in portrait mode you will document the least amount of the encounter it's your choice you document 1/3 of the encounter your way or document 3/3 of the encounter horizontal way

  10. Smithfield is a major polluter of the environment. Seems that rather than cleaning up the pollution the corporation would prefer to shut down their plant(s), put people out of work and cause anger amongst the town citizens.

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