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Huge Primark Try On Haul New In Autumn 2022 22


Loving the Autumn Collection x

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Date: September 17, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Huge Primark Try On Haul New In Autumn 2022 22

  1. Great fun Kim but as you said “ a mixed bag”
    My favourites on you were the striped trousers and the cream blouse, the vicar T and all the cardigans.
    I liked the paisley too if you manage to get the right size. I really liked the black check dress but it’s no good if you don’t feel happy wearing things.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Who doesn’t keep cream crackers in their top pocket!! 😂 Another great video Kim!
    Thanks for the laughs and all the time/effort/money you put into doing these vid’s for us! x

  3. Hi Kim, I agree with you about all the clothes, fun story when I was in my twentys I got a pear of trousers that light colour and went out in them and when I walked past a window I thourt it looked as if I had no clothes on the bottom half I went in the nearest charity shop and got a pear of jeans lol I gave the trousers to the charity shop and the lady said to me it's the colour of your skin that is not right lol wounder what she thourt I could do about that any way hope you have a good weekend 😁 😊 😍

  4. Hello Kim, all the clothes are strange looking pieces and do absolutely nothing for you. The colours are all drab and don't complement you at all and they are all ill-fitting. Please return everything. You're such a beautiful, lovely lady and you deserve to look and feel fabulous in beautiful, colourful, well-fitting clothes.
    Greetings from South Africa 💌

  5. The cardigans we're ok,just about.. quite thin though as it's already getting colder.. but I'm sure you have something similar already anyway?
    Everything else was a no for me I'm sorry, nothing special and just looked like stuff of a 90s market stall..
    the pinstripe trousers are giving me flashbacks to my first suit for work! I seemed to remember thinking I looked ace at the time, yet thinking about it now makes me cringe! Maybe because of the fabric – the stuff that would always shine up under the slightest bit of heat off the iron Lol cheap horrible thing it was, yet want cheap to buy at the time!

    Try m&s, they have some really nice wide leg trousers in, £35, a decent weight, hang really nice and have a stripe on the side – a bit of detailing you might like. Those and a nice cardigan would suit you 🙂

  6. you made me laugh Got the bin bag , I also thought it is a bin bag, next day first thing in the morning I returned . could not stand the noise and it was too big on me although it was size down

  7. Ah Kim you are great fun,going to be honest not your best haul,striped trousers were ok,my favourite was the plastic trousers,wonder would loads of fabric conditioner make any difference,🤔the cream blouse much too see through,no to all the rest Kim I’m afraid,thanks for showing us your haul xx

  8. The oversized shirt looked ok, it looked like it's meant to be oversized. I liked the nude trousers. I loved the checked dress. The stripey shirt was nice. The cream tie neck blouse looked nice in the size you got. The black pull on bootleg trousers were nice. You made me laugh 😂

  9. Hi Kim, that was another nice and funny video. I agree with you about the black bottom and top with a cardi or jacket over the top. It's essentially what I nearly always wore to work – almost a uniform really, and sort of smart/casual, depending on whether I chose cardi or jacket. And lots of my t-shirts and tops were from Primark, to be honest.
    I wasn't keen on anything else really, if I'm honest about it.
    By the way, although the check dress wasn't good, I saw a shirt in a beautiful blue coloured check material in Tesco today. I nearly bought it but couldn't justify it because I don't need any more clothes (though if I find a good blazer, I might be tempted!),but if you like checks, you might want to have a look.

  10. You make my day sooo funny, im chuckling away with you, crinkly pants lol. I too loved the cardigans and blue jumper cardi, and black vest and both black trousers looked lovely on you, also liked the paisley and cream tops , agree would size down with paisley x

  11. The reason I try everything on in primary is the horrendous queues. Bad enough when I’m queueing to purchase, I can’t bear to think of queueing again to return stuff 🤦🏻‍♀️

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