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HUGE TEMU HAUL+REVIEW! Unbelievable Craft Findings from Temu! See What I got?


TEMU , HUGE TEMU HAUL+REVIEW! Unbelievable Craft Findings from Temu! See What I got? , , AA0q5GOb_sI , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AA0q5GOb_sI , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AA0q5GOb_sI/hqdefault.jpg , 1498 , , Temu 30% OFF Code: sale7755 (For new users)
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Links to my Picks:
Hand And Power Tool Set With 12V Cordless Drill $45.99

Mirror Chameleons Pigment Pearlescent Epoxy Resin $2.99

Mini Bag Sealer$3.39

DIY Irregular Rectangular Diamond Tray Epoxy Mold $4.49

5D DIY Diamond Painting, Cute Giraffe $4.69

DIY Diamond Painting $4.99

5D DIY Diamond Painting Automobile Cross Stitch $4.49
50pcs/Lot Alloy Lobster Clasp Hooks $1.19

12Pcs/Pack 1 Silver Gold Rose Gold Earring Hooks $1.29

10pcs Vintage Metal Heart Lobster Clasp Hooks $2.19

20pcs/bag Small Ear Hook Earring Hook $0.99

5pcs 30x68mm 7 Colors Lobster Clasp Keyring Hook $1.79

60Pcs Marine Animals Tibetan Style Silver Pendants $5.49

20Pcs Silver Plated Turtle Charm $1.19

Rotatable Storage Tray $6.79

Car Trunk Cargo Storage Bag $5.89

Universal Car Cup Holder Tray $15.29
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Date: May 7, 2023

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18 thoughts on “HUGE TEMU HAUL+REVIEW! Unbelievable Craft Findings from Temu! See What I got?

  1. Only bad part is your discount code is only good for first time users, and that’s sad because giving coupons for more then once is a winner for everyone, not just first time users like with BBB having their 30% off everyday any day for their loyal costumers is a win for everyone I know when I’m receiving 30% more off I’m buying even more, so some of these companies like beebeecraft and Temu would benefit from something like that. But I understand how it would be hard to keep up with the discounts. Anyways nice haul Tfs hugs to y’all.

  2. I ordered last month. My husband does the cooking so I got him kitchen stuff. He liked all of it. He doesn’t usually go for online ordering but he has placed his own orders and is pleased. I had 137 items in my order. With the discount I used it was $134. Most of my items were crafting. I was disappointed in 2 things but I guess it was my fault. They gave dimensions on the head pins but the picture was deceiving. And I thought I was getting jump rings mixed with split rings but it was just split rings. I don’t think I have anything to complain about. Can’t wait to order again

  3. I've had my first order after watching your first video. Very happy with products and speed of delivery. Sad to say your discount code would not work, mayby it's because I'm UK. thanks for sharing this company though 😊

  4. Oh my Wendy what an amazing haul!!! I wish I could afford to just get shop happy right now lol… Trying to get my housing situation under control with the corporate buyout… So many things I'd love to have that would be awesome for beading and tiny house… Have an amazing weekend!!! ~Laura

  5. Can’t wait to see what you hauled!!❤️
    I also just placed an order for beading & Findings! 😊
    I’v been binge watching these hauls!
    I’m excited!!
    I can’t wait! 😊

  6. I had to delete the Temu app so I wasn’t tempted any more. I already received 2 orders 😂

    I will install it again in a couple of weeks haha

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