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I Ran OUT of CHARGE Electric Cars are a LIVING HELL WATCH & Learn The TRUE REALITY of EV Ownership!


I Ran OUT of CHARGE. Electric Cars are a LIVING HELL WATCH & Learn The TRUE REALITY of EV Ownership as I take a road trip from Ipswich to Nottingham in My Porsche Taycan Electric Vehicle and struggle to find charge points as my car is running drastically low on battery. Here's the truth that the Auto Car Manufacturers won't tell the motorists about EV Ownership. Are Electric Cars the future? Well watch this and you tell me!

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Date: September 16, 2022

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34 thoughts on “I Ran OUT of CHARGE Electric Cars are a LIVING HELL WATCH & Learn The TRUE REALITY of EV Ownership!

  1. 7 KW for and hour and a half, so at home that would be like having 7 one bar electric fires all plugged in at once……for an hour and a half.
    And that`s a crappy low wattage charger? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I drive a 2016 Audi allroad quatro 3.0 V6 diesel which takes 5 minutes to fully "charge" for £100, does 60 mpg and 800 miles on one "charge."

    ULES compliant. It has a far smaller carbon footprint than any EV, cost quarter of what a TESLA does, has far superior build quality and doesn’t sound like a milk float or look like a duck. It can also be "charged" at over 8'300 stations throughout the UK which are all completely compatible with the car, safe in the knowledge that no children were used as slave labour in African mines mining rare Earth metals to build my car!

    Any EV owner want a race from London to Edinburgh and back?

  2. That's a joke , how long that journey took . The one thing that sticks in my mind . The government had a company for a survey, on ev s. If 50% of the cars on the road were evs . We would need two more power stations, a nuke power station takes 10 years to build and probably 20 years to plan for . And with only 8 years away from the last fuel engine vehicles being built . It tells you one of two things . There are no intentions of millions of people on the road now , having cars in the future, or the civil war will get rid of the governments wanting this green BS climate change.

  3. From the view you were showing, we could see no barrier preventing you from moving closer, only the ground ramp feet from the front wheels, could you put the wheels just the other side of the rubber ramp, serious question, for my help,?

  4. So if you can afford 80 grand for an electric car, Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl and Aldi will give you free electricity and stick the cost on their poverty range of beans, charging some single mum who's trying to feed her kids. Seems fair.

  5. Not only have I no intention of getting an electric car…I don't even own a cellphone ( I kid you not. Don't need one, don't want one!). I DO however own an electric bike, which I am very pleased with. Watching this makes me feel like living 'old school' the way I do, isn't too bad! I Love how patient and even-tempered you remain!!

  6. Yes I get you like electric cars and all that great! Most people get taken in by what they see on the TV adds showing charging points for all ect.. its just another money spinner by all those fat cat energy company's as usual. Saving the planet..? When Russia are burning off millions of tons of gas they can't sell… the UK's no idea . We're been lied too!

  7. The sad point is you drive a superb car even if too bulky for our lanes, but in 'get you home' mode you have to crawl along. When proper fuel is banned can you imagine a rally driver having to put up with your chaos?

  8. I only just found your channel it great but I must say hybrid or hydrogen cars are the way to go ev aren’t carbon neutral we haven’t got the enough green Energy we still rely on fossil fuels to power of power stations plus the battery life isn’t going to last as long as they think then you have dispose of them and another thing is the trip hazard that a changing wire left out on road or street path

  9. Unfortunately you picked the wrong type of EV and you don't need to re mortgage your house and get a Tesla either! The truth is the infrastructure for EV charging is nowhere near up to scratch unless you're a city dweller or someone that really doesn't need to travel far each day. This is why I chose a petrol hybrid. No plugging in or range anxiety and I love it. Not an ideal solution for the eco warriors but still a happy medium. Rome wasn't built in a day!

  10. But you could have driven closer to the first charge point! Your front wheel was a couple of feet away from the 'barrier' – surely enough….and at a push, what was to stop you being a daredevil and driving a little way over the barrier…essentially just a speed hump? Not an ideal situation but needs must where the devil drives, eh? Great podcast channel BTW.

  11. During the winter of 21/22 the midwest of the US was covered in a blanket of deep snow. Some of the heaviest in years (no doubt a boon to all the climate change brigade as down to global warming… what else?. Its either too hot or too cold. but either way its ALL down to climate change according to them? ) During my travels in a 4×4 to see relatives, we came across some heavy blizzards and many abandoned vehicles in the deeper snow drifts. Interestingly there was a disproprtionate amount of abandoned EV's. When the thaw set in, all was exposed. There were huge numbers of Tesla's left on the roadside with dead batteries.. Why? What is the first thing you do in deep snow? You keep the engine ticking over to keep warm until rescue. But in an EV you drain the battery in a very short time. A week or so after the thaw there were still any number of abandoned Ev's still waiting to be charged up but all the gas cars had long been collected..

  12. Just had a fortnight in Cornwall ,filled up at home (Yorkshire) drove to Padstow half a tank in Cornwall then topped up tank to drive home.Total time at pump 15 mins.This is what ev chargers should be aiming at .Admittedly £230 of diesel was bought but with a family on board waiting hours to charge up is simply not feasible,(how much would be 1200 miles of electric be?)

  13. When EV's become more and more prevalent…..imagine waiting in line to charge…..Better bring a tent and cooler, you'll be there a while. I can't even imagine taking an hour and a half to fill up my car. Also, imagine people plugging in and going out for dinner while charging…you are at someone else's mercy….No frikin way…..

  14. Just NO! That seems like a total pain in the butt. There's no way with the traveling that I have to do that I could sit there and wait for it to charge. Also just wait until he has to buy a new battery. Sorry, but I'll stick with what I have. Also, until they make them affordable for everyone and have enough power to charge them still NO. I live in California, and those idiots are constantly telling us not use electricity because there is a shortage of that too. Ugh-

  15. Look m8 who the fff has got enough money in this day and age (normal Joe soap) t afford a shit electric car… Never mind a tesla!!! AND they're NOT green…. Check out how they get the raw materials out of the ground t make these batteries for the eV, s….. And NOT feasible for a shit load of folks!!! No dig at u but I'll keep me diesel (cos labour told us t) waste of fff time that was with em but hey ho… Crack on m8 Ave a nice day🤔🤔😊😊

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