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'I would consider living in my car': How some Americans are impacted by inflation


CNN's Ed Lavandera talks to three Americans whose lives are being impacted by this year's record high inflation.
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Date: September 16, 2022

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28 thoughts on “'I would consider living in my car': How some Americans are impacted by inflation

  1. As Nancy Pelosi said $700 Billion for the inflation reduction act, will reduce inflation. But most of the money went to student loan debt relief, electric cars subsidy, and solar panels grants.

  2. Yes..Keep just showing whites and nonBlacks being affected by the economic greed of the wealthy in these news stories…maybe something will finally be done to resolve the problem. Even though, “ When yt ppl in America catch a cold, Blk ppl in America get pneumonia.”

  3. And people are wondering why there is such an uptick in the rates of people with mental illness….just being alive and existing is too stressful. It's too expensive to exist in today's world.

  4. The cost of living crisis appears to be a global problem, although here in the UK it has been made worse by the increase in the prices of many goods. I believe that the government can bring into play a policy that helps reduces inflation, but for some reason, I don't think they are concerned about how the common person would do in these strangely challenging times.

  5. This should not be happening in the USA. We give out billions of dollars in foreign aid and yet we cannot take care of our own citizens who are financially struggling. The government and the powers that be have their priorities screwed up. Very sad and tragic indeed.

  6. I feel so much pain for my fellow Americans. I know life is hard and just trying to survive can be very difficult. I’d either group with others to decrease certain financial burdens or work more, but never give up it will get better….

  7. 40 hours a week should be plenty for an American to survive and thrive in this country! And by thrive I don’t mean vacations, but be able to pay for unexpected bills without it taken. Americas new currency is greed!

  8. If your feeling this economic downturn, make sure you thank all the democrats that voted this in, and feel vindicated that, Hey, our whole world is falling apart with all the incompetence, quota hires, and woke, climate change crap, but the "mean tweets " have all but ceased on the conservative side, we're way too busy trying to survive now. No good times anymore, it's struggling from here on, as long as democrats are running the show. I sure could use some mean tweets, and $1.89 gas right now. I sure as hell know who I'm voting for in November, and 2024.

  9. Poverty minimum wages + high rent = homeless – That’s the future of American’s dream. Sad beyond words. America before: one income takes care a family of 2 or 3 – America now: 2 incomes to take care ONE person.

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