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Jack Keane: Russia making a ‘strategic shift’ in war on Ukraine


Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane details developments in the war in Ukraine and discusses the future of this fight.

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Date: September 18, 2022

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44 thoughts on “Jack Keane: Russia making a ‘strategic shift’ in war on Ukraine

  1. This is the only person on Fox News I can stomach, Tucker, Hannity and Laura and the likes are nothing but fake alarmists, BTW where in the hell is the Durham Report??? Get it they are nothing but BS to gin you up for views and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Friends Do Not Let Friends Be PAWNS.

  2. I would have hoped to see General Keane commenting on the very latest developments in Ukrainian war. It seems to me as Fox News is trying to make this war not a priority in USA.

  3. strategic shift ? what an idiote, this guy an actual general or just some paid stooge of fox news ? Slava Ukraine !!!!
    Ukraine has the right to invade and conquer russia and i hope they do.

  4. To all the citizens of Russia, your attempts to occupy the Ukraine will never go well for you. Additionally, the USA will never again elect Donald Trump as president and therefore America and all of Europe will remain at war with you. Without Trump, an alliance between Russia and America is never going to happen.

  5. The Russian invasion of Ukraine didn't just happen out of nowhere.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin ratcheted up tensions with the West for the better part of the last decade — he annexed Crimea, meddled in US elections, poisoned an ex-spy on British soil, and more.

    Former President Donald Trump parroted Kremlin talking points, excused Russian aggression and sometimes even embraced it outright.

    One of the key reasons Putin felt comfortable launching the invasion of Ukraine was the extent to which the Trump weakened and destabilized our government, and democracy undermined, and political divisions sown.

    "I alone can fix it" –Donald Trump

    This is a striking, classic strongman statement.

    He made himself the solution.

    In American democracy, the individual is supposed to be smaller than the institution of the presidency.

    Trump has blatantly casted himself as bigger than any institution in the United States.

    Nothing in this reflects the kind of personal or democratic humility that would be required of that office.

  6. A dead soldier in a war is nothing for leaders. As soon as he died leadership try to vanish him from memories of her near and dear fastly. These soldiers can be friends even they are killing each other but not leaders because these leaders are sure to see next morning sun.

  7. Russia making payments on Weapons using the Yuan – USA will now push China at G20 …. I told …. The reality is this the US has been printing rubber banknotes….. And it needs redress,. They won't want the value of the Yuan reduced – Russia has provided the opening

  8. jack keane is an idiot. no one else is reporting about the war in Ukraine has this dunce. Russia has wiped the floor with Ukraine and patterners. Ukraine is bombing a nuclear plant.

  9. Mans an idiot.Russia dont need Ukraine,they need the Black Sea.They’ve got the Black Sea.Russians don’t think like we do in the west,they’ll grind away inefficiently for years and just outlast whatever is in their way and the Russian people will accept it.

  10. Without military conscription, without mobilization, Putin will not get these troops at all. It is merely a threat, and an empty threat at that. Mobilization is not a political reality.

  11. If you listen to what the president of Russia said before the military operation began, he said that Russia will preform a military operation in Ukraine to de-nazify and de-militarize Ukraine and liberate the people of the LPR and the DNR. Putin never said anything about taking Kiev or conquering Ukraine, this is why Russian forces are mainly focused on only eastern Ukraine. Time did a documentary on the Nazis in Ukraine and our congress and senate has discussed the issue years ago. The Russian forces that stalled north of Kiev, was a distraction, because they turned eastward and resumed forward.

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