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Jesse Watters: Is this the dumbest thing you've ever heard?


Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to the government spending on energy on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.' #FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

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Date: September 16, 2022

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46 thoughts on “Jesse Watters: Is this the dumbest thing you've ever heard?

  1. I want the Jesse how much money the Biden family is getting for trying to make it all the batteries they gotta be getting a kickback so yeah we should fall the money to the Biden family because if we do we’ll find out that the bottom film is the most corrupt family to ever take the White House tour they got to go up to Trump you know why because Trump knows the guilt of the Biden family the Biden family is the untouchable family

  2. Tell me a shoe question isn’t time of the essence and isn’t time so critical that I wanna know how much time a person waste charging their electric car in the course of the year and how many hours they lose by waiting around and is it actually worth it when they could be spending time doing something else but you know what we got we got a nip dis a little application in the button get rid of it and a quick water because we can all buy this naïve notion that somehow that electric vacation is going to save the planet it’s never going to be there because men is greedy so if men stop being so greedy and live the simple tiny life and we need to have a 38 acre estate with eight bathrooms you don’t need it so don’t waste the land just let it be what animals do you know vomit should keep delaying not sell it ICE Brandon Pennsylvania oh 81 up-and-down land for sale land for sale why because they want to get rich quick instead of the farmers charge an a lot of money for the food because everybody has to eat I don’t know they building all these condos in multiplexes and now everybody will run to run into these apartment complexes look like sardines and it’s an institution why anybody would buying it in a comment that apartment complexes that is awful it’s a terrible way to live I think you should all go to Florida and say my mobile homes that I have beautiful do you get your own little 9000 square-foot partial and you can step outside having a cuppa coffee not worried about your neighbor next-door looking at you in your underwear here

  3. Hahaha fox you have no Credibility That's nothing compared to the 500000 people that trump killed When you fail to warn America about the pandemic deliberately so yeah Fox f*** y** f*** your staff staff and f*** your channel

  4. I ran the numbers. If all road vehicles in the U.S. went electric it would increase U.S. electrical usage by about 25%. If California is any clue, we don't have an extra 25%.

  5. Hey Jo Jo Biden? You cannot JUST build "Charging Stations". They must have "Electricity". Hence people in California being told, DO not drive your car…… This poor boob is clueless.

  6. so electric power points for cars with no electricity to put to then haha what an idiot ,,it cost more carbon emissions to produce that electricity to charge the car that what the car would use if it had a combustion motor ,ridiculous!

  7. An EV car has to be driven about 80-90,000 miles to break even from mining and manufacturing carbon footprint… (about the time for more high carbon producing battery replacements). that's if the unreliable power grid has a backup.

  8. You can put an outlet anywhere you want. Electricity is made how Joey. And your little dream doesn't work. Ask Germany. Quit lying about this. Rolling brown outs. Every electric car is like running 25 refrigerators in every home. Do you think our grid can do that? Especially when people are trying to stay cool in the summer with air conditioners. People will die of heat stroke when they have brown outs because everyone is trying to charge just one electric car. Most family's have two or three cars. And how do you get out of a fire when the electrical has gone out.people die because they can't charge their car. Oh yeah and what about our military. Are we gonna fight a war with electric planes and electric tanks. Your crooked joe. And silly.

  9. Don’t you know, it’s all about Power, Control. Their working for the de_ _ l Mark 8: 36-67. Blessings to you who do not work for the de_ _ l. Praise Be to God 🕊♥️

  10. Electronic vehicles do not help the climate. They require tons of fossil fuel to manufacture. The batteries require huge mines and heavy equipment. All that requires transport methods that also burn tons of fossil fuel.

  11. Next they'll tell you you can no longer drive those big electric cars you now must use golf carts then you must use bycicles and then we're china!

  12. charging stations – 1/3 of the one's in michigan don't work,where are people going to charge when they park in the street won't be walking sidewalks with all the cables and wait for winter ,dig for that cable in the snow get sued when someone trips over your cable

  13. You left out the 760 Billion sent to China to build a power grid and charging stations. So much for those energy jobs. They do not intend to fix roads or bridges. They intend to move us into mass transportation.

  14. Biden is totally delusional and one of the dumbest people to ever be born in the USA! Democrats only have Failed Ideas! Can anyone name one thing in the last fifty years that Democrats have done that actually helped We, the People? I know, I can't either! Strip mining, power outages, & massive chaos is the only thing Democrats have at the table, and many, many, many, many FAILURES ! Takes intelligence, and experience to succeed, something most Democrats have neither of! FJB!

  15. I can't remember if it's North Carolina or South Carolina do they have a Nissan plant apparently these illegal kids at the age of 11 have been working there nobody's done one story about that except one news Outlet 11-year-olds and the only reason they found out was because the people that were caring for these children that came across the border called the police cuz they disappeared one day and that's where they found them working at the Nissan plant🤨 pathetic freaking losers

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