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Jesse Watters: This was a declaration of war


Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts to Democrats attacking the Republican Party on 9/11 on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.'#FoxNews #jessewattersprimetime

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Date: September 17, 2022

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39 thoughts on “Jesse Watters: This was a declaration of war

  1. No need to attack America. It's attacking itself.

    Under the despotic rule of their geriatric, handshake lunatic of an icecream licking, hair sniffing, aviator wearing, diaper pooping, mumbling bumbling tumbling down the stairs and off his bike, unhinged angry, shouting, weak cowardly liar of a worthless week old mucus and earwax sandwich president the USA will be finished in another few years

  2. The only domestic terrorists are President Biden and his administration. He and his administration need to be voted out of office at the first available opportunity. RED WAVE BABY!!!!!

  3. I am a Maga Republican, but I have not pulled down any statues in this country. I have not burned up any cities in this country. I have not looted any stores in this country, and I have not plotted to overtake this government. I was not in DC on January 6 th, but I would have liked to vehemently oppose the election results in a court of law. I lost that opportunity when the charade that was January 6th occurred.
    As for stolen elections, Joe Biden should choke on such a lie!

  4. .President Zelenskyy refused to comply with donald s-hole tr***'s extortion demands, leading to s-hole's impeachment #1. President Zelenskyy exposed tr***'s weakness and brought him down. President Zelenskyy refused to surrender to putin and forced putin into retreat exposing putin's weakness. Putin will be replaced. President Zelenskyy through his intelligence, honesty, integrity, and courage, defeated two of the most powerful tyrants on this planet. Slava Ukraini!

  5. She said she took a oath to defend the Constitution of the United States but she doesn't mention that she's broken and trampled all over the Constitution since she took office she's nothing but a two-faced hypocrite

  6. . How is it every time we see a Biden get together there can't be any more than a hundred people there what is that telling the nation any of them that are watching this country that we've got some kind of a mealy mouth puppet being led around allowed to talk and handled like he's an idiot.

  7. Did they forget that we found the sprinkling of their own antifa duh and bmm members within that group of maga people? obviously they were the ones stirring the s*** up, and also within those videos are the fbi handlers of those lemmings.

  8. If you can continue to try to steal farm land. Under any social equity policies or environmental equity policies. Like they where trying in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. You are trying to do in Canada 🇨🇦. You have become a complete communist. Go look at communist history and starving out 6 million Ukrainians in the name of social equity.

  9. The constitution also says the federal government has to protect the states from invasion……read it. It is in our constitution!! Read it!! The Biden federal government is not upholding the constitution!! Isn’t that treason?

  10. open borders have destroyed every civilization since the dawn of time. the cause is 40 years of illegal immigration. tijuana 2.0 just take notes soon once the mexicans numbers are up really high they will try to take over usa. first internally taking over all government jobs and housing and forcing the citizens to the street because they work for a lower wage until they learn the trade then steal the customers because they will do it cheaper. as for as things go and for what its worth, usa has been invaded by the cartel with lots of fentynal. their goal is to od the next gen and get them looped on the pills.

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