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JOE SHERLOCK COLLECTION 4 – Zombie Love Slave, Channel 99, Dark Zone Thirteen, Drifter, Behind The Helmet


Zombie Love Slave
A horde of gut-munching undead who got more than just dinner on their minds.

Channel 99
CHANNEL 99 is Joe Sherlock's homage to watching pay cable network Showtime in the early to mid-80s along with local tv channels with their afternoon and late night movies – it's an anthology of horror and sci-fi stories all wrapped together by a fake cable channel.

Does it have werewolves, shower scenes, hot tubs, sexy ghosts, spaceships, aliens, serial killers, witches, girls making out, zombies, monsters, Jackey Neyman Jones, Link Masters, Joe's dog AND Mr. Birch?

It sure as hell does!!!

In fact, this is pretty much a great overview of all the wild and wacky stuff that Joe Sherlock has crammed into all the Skullface Astronaut movies.

After seeing an early cut of this movie, a viewer commented, “This may be the most Joe of the Joe movies.”

Dark Zone Thirteen
Revealing six scary tales from the infamous unpublished thirteenth issue of a lost pulp magazine. Some speculate it couldn't be released because it was cursed. Perhaps it was too dark? Regardless, we've found it, and we're sharing the scary stories that for years have been unseen. Jackey Neyman Jones (Mystery Science Theater 3000 fave MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE, MANOS RETURNS, THINGS 5: STRANGE MONSTERS, BEYOND THE WALL OF FEAR) stars alongside an evil doll, serial killer, ghost, necronomicon, beings from beyond plus buckets of blood and hot chicks!

A fun b-horror ride filled with blood, guts and hot chicks! A mysterious drifter hides out in a vacant house much to the realtor's chagrin. The Drifter is losing his mind with bloody consequences for handymen, painters and others who show up at the house, but why?

“Wildly entertaining.” – Daily Grindhouse
“Combines elements from home invasion, Steven King’s horror novels, and a dollop of Don Coscarelli‘s Phantasm.”- Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking
“Ambitious…a really cool story buried under low fi qualities.” – Ain't It Cool News
“A ton of imagination and black heart. I could see becoming a cult classic in the years ahead.” – Hickey's House of Horrors
“Remembers the two B’s of B-movie filmmaking: blood and boobs.”- Ain't It Cool News
Creepy, claustrophobic and chilling.”- Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking

Behind The Helmet
Go behind the scenes for the making of several indie horror movies, see how things are done and how much fun is had on set! Blood fx, fight choreography, make-up, props, shower scenes, hot tubs, monsters and more! Plus some bloopers thrown in for good measure.

Peek behind the scenes of DARK ZONE THIRTEEN, DRIFTER, BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, TWISTED FATES, DEADLY PREMONITIONS and UNDERBELLY. Settle in and get ready for blood, boobs and beasts as we take you…behind the helmet!

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Date: May 24, 2023

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