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Kamala Harris' attack on the Supreme Court is a 'real threat' to democracy: Piro


‘Outnumbered' panelists weigh in after Vice President Harris labeled the Supreme Court as an ‘activist court' for its reversal of Roe v. Wade. #FoxNews

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Date: September 16, 2022

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37 thoughts on “Kamala Harris' attack on the Supreme Court is a 'real threat' to democracy: Piro

  1. There's a french expression " sans honte" meaning without shame..It applies to you. You're mocking democracy, justice ,the rule of law, the poor, the students the International Community…. you right wing,,FoxNews MAGA…

  2. These woke Democrats need to be held accountable for their actions, criminally charged, convicted and do hard jail time!!!! You can bet your last dollar that if a Republican made those statements there would be a massive congressional hearing on it. Oh, wait they’re already doing that against Trump!!!!

  3. For 4 years Trump built up a wall to protect himself with politicians, judges and lawyers. On 9-5-2022 it paid off again as a judge he appointed, Aileen M. Cannon, ruled that there can be a special master assigned to his case in Florida. That was expected, but experts express alarm to the decision. Trump will always fight against the laws he's broken since he stacked the cards in his favor. Remember Jan. 6, 2021! Vote for Democracy to save America or Trumpocracy to continue the lies, hatred and division.

  4. Roe vs Wade has nothing to do with a women's right to choice… It just passed the power from the states to the federal government and now it's back in the states power to decide.

  5. They want to get rid of The filibuster and turn the Supreme Court so no one can stop them from making their tyrannical anti 2 a and any other nonsensical and often outrageous and costly bills through congress without having to have the votes of the majority

  6. The birth rate going up and being the only first world country that has a rising birth rate isn’t a bad thing Kamala..But what do I know. You slept your way to the top. I didn’t…

  7. Really, why is she still taking about this? Shouldn't she be focused on resolving the border crisis? I have a feeling that this Roe v. Wade will be on replay all the way up to Nov. It's such a controversial topic and it keep people divided. If they can keep us focused on issues that divide us, then they know we aren't focused on their failures. Please America don't let them get away with it. Let's hold them accountable this Nov, and in 2024!

  8. Why is it a woman's choice to end a life? According to what she says and what others have said a woman's body is her choice. Yet if you don't want an experimental drug you don't have the choice to say my body my choice. I noticed they don't ever answer that question how is it one way but not another.

  9. Kamala is what you get when you pick a running late, based solely on their skin color, and not their ability to lead a Nation!
    Then there's the press secretary, who can't answer a question, without reading it from a book! Another skin color choice! Great job, white house. Everything you do, is either based on a lie, or a failure, you change to a win, and actually think real Americans, Democrat and Republican, will believe you!

  10. Hey Kamala, what about our CHOICE not to get vaccinated, without you telling us we're killing our families and co-workers! It's pretty bad when you want to condemn the Supreme Court for making a decision that Kamala doesn't agree with!

  11. That woe is crazy. She’s a woke idiot who can’t even make a coherent sentence. Just more diversity from the left. One more point. The Constitution has never given the right to abortion, besides Roe V. Wade was based on a lie created by planned parenthood.

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