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King Charles, William and Harry join queen's coffin at Westminster Hall


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Queen Elizabeth II's coffin will leave Buckingham Palace for the last time Wednesday as it is taken amid somber pageantry on a horse-drawn gun carriage past crowds of mourners to the Houses of Parliament, where the late monarch will lie in state for four days.

Crowds began massing early along the flag-lined road outside the palace for the procession from the monarch's official London residence to the historic Westminster Hall at Parliament. King Charles III, Prince William, Prince Harry, and other members of the royal family will walk behind the coffin.


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Date: September 16, 2022

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36 thoughts on “King Charles, William and Harry join queen's coffin at Westminster Hall

  1. I think it is discusting that the only 2 Royals to ever actively serve there country , their Queen , Andrew and Harry were not allowed to wear their Miltary uniforms. Charles, Anne and Edward just have honory ranks and uniforms. This archaic system needs to end and we need to be a Republic and save some money for our country.

  2. "we witness members of the royal family exit…" this anchor is lacking basic English skills and speaks low level and doesn't enunciate the words correctly. how truly embarrassing for her and this coverage.

  3. im over this sh*t. what a waste of money. bury the old girl and let's move on. even she wants to hit the dirt. bloody coffin on nearly every channel, where's the Seinfeld re-runs?

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  5. Are YOU STUPID ?? The lady narrator after talking to the so called faculty history., Chris? THAT lady ANNOUNCER JUST SAID “ QUEEN Elizabeth THE third”!! Are YOU hiring 1 st graders now to audio report a death OF a Queen ?? You should be ashamed of yourself!! Stupid lady announcer!! FOX JUST PROVED THEY TRULY ARE IDIOTS!!

  6. NEVER WILL RESPECT OR ACKNOWLEDGE camil ! She’s disgusting! And ugly !! She ruined and responsible for Diana’s death! If camila would not have continued the sneaking around with Charles Diana would stayed married and become Queen today! Diana would never have been in that caring that Paris tunnel!! I don’t understand why the British people accept her !! Look what she did!! She divorced first husband, cheated with Charles and killed Diana z!! No I’ll never forgive her. British people should be ashamed of themselves to even think about having her any monarch!! She wasn’t even a royal blood like Diana was!!
    I will never accept that family breaker !!

  7. This “fox” man Chris? Said “ not much pomp and circumstance ?? What!! Are you judging?? Were you watching the same procession as me?? It was nothing BUT POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE!! All that gold. Glitter, trumpets, military, Hundreds of clergy all dressed in glist and glamor and gold..,

  8. Watching William and Harry behind the Queens coffin reminded me so much of just boys walking behind Princess Di's casket. These 2 guys have been thru incredible heartbreak!

  9. Haz should have never been any part of these days! It’s disappointing to me that Charles and others allowed him to be there!! Thank goodness he was forbidden to wear his uniform! He bragged how the “Queen was his boss..”.. Yes then he betrayed her!! I Joe Charles throws him out if the entire monarch!!

  10. The BRF wear uniforms bc they volunteer for the military. Harry QUIT! Y’all don’t know anything about how the U.K. Or how the Crown works😞 BTW, Harry would never have made it into Sandhurst had it not been for his Gannie the Queen bc his grades weren’t good enough. He is a privileged guy for sure. He did get to wear his medals tho.

  11. Everything is planned to the last detail, nothing happens by chance in these royal protocols. In this case, it's meant to make Prince Harry weak, from the King's first speech to His Majesty The Prince of Wales projecting military power beside Prince Harry

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