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Korean Fashion Try-on Haul Part 2 *here we go again*


Here we go again with a Korean Fashion Haul Part 2! This time I made sure to get clothes from legit Korean brands.

Iris Lin
Jennifer Xiong
Jacqueline Rivera

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Belted-Side Pleated Denim Playsuit

Band-Waist Gingham Boot-Cut Pants

Cutaway-Waist Tie-Trim Dress

Square-Neck Zip-Up Blouse

Puff-Sleeve Faux-Fur Mini Flare Dress

Square-Neck Polka-Dot Mesh-Overlay Minidress

Scarf-Neck Silky Blouse

Off-Shoulder Ribbed Top

Ruched Satin Strappy Dress

Mock Two-Piece Shirred Frill-Hem Minidress

Super Skinny -5kg Denim Shorts vol.30

Semi Beggy-Fit -5kg Jeans vol.95

Square-Toe Block-Heel Long Boots

Classic Trench Coat for Spring

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Date: September 18, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Korean Fashion Try-on Haul Part 2 *here we go again*

  1. 오 세상에… 저희의 옷은… 선생님께는 크군요… may be better than searching oversized clothes in Korean online stores. more sizes are available 😀 from regular size to big. it's like Koreans are smaller than i thought. actually, Korea is still closer to a mono-ethnic country. so may not have the various sizes you expect. or it was a really weird shop i guess

  2. Lots of Korean, actually East Asian fashion is not for girls with even a slightly bigger bust. everytime I like a top with a tighter fit I have to go through all the comments to see if they are big bust friendly. I saw the white corset top before online as well and liked it so much but I KNEW they won't fit me.. 🙁 and I'm only a C cup. East Asia is not bust friendly 🙁

  3. I just started by watching your old facial videos and now I'm here! When you said you'd wear the black dress when you were pregnant I thought it was so cute! I look to the recommended and I see pregnancy videos. It was such a good shock and that is absolutely so sweet I feel like I've been here forever.

  4. I can't imagine myself living in Korea nor trying out Korean fashion, I mean I doubt they would accommodate people with the size XL in general in terms of clothing.
    basing from the model and the fact that they only have one size in most of these pieces It upsets but at the same time, their ideal weight is super low so…

  5. There were several photos of the blue dress where I thought they showed it on a doll. It was only with the crouching in front of a mirror image I recognized that there might have been a flesh and blood girl underneath the photoshop 🤣
    Also wool coats are made out of a felted fabric called broadcloth that doesn't need seam finishes, usually a lot thicker than this (thicker than most garment fabric)

  6. I don't know it's so hard for me to choose, you look so good in every one of them except of course the stretchy top. But I love the shorts I love the blue dress and white dress and definitely I love the little black dress.

  7. "Lazy" is budget reasons actually
    Every size more is like manufacturing another piece of clothing so many brand will go for making more different models rather than different sizes because that would make more money

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