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Lack of housing in Seattle forces some families to live in cars


Aaron, who lives with his wife Silje and their two children in a parking lot outside of Seattle, begins his day in darkness, making a two-hour commute by scooter and bus to his job at the post office. They, like many other families in the area, are forced to live in their cars because they do not qualify for public housing and yet cannot afford to buy or rent a home. Maria Elena Salinas speaks to some of these families about their day-to-day struggles.

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Date: September 15, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Lack of housing in Seattle forces some families to live in cars

  1. I mean come on, America is expensive like crazy. The only good thing about America is freedom and that’s why I’m here. I swear if my country was not in war, I would’ve went back right away!

  2. Greed!!!Why don't you do all of us viewers a favor and spend the rest of your life on the real truth instead of this bull! Otherwise you're useless! That would make you infamous! The one reason is greed of homeowners and property management"s greed. The astronomical rise in rent! And the greed at it's at heart! Then we will listen to you, otherwise go get a job as a door greeter at Walmart..

  3. Why don't people keep living in state capitals? Of course they will suffer there. Too expensive, not enough space, no nature…I'm sure they can find a very decent house in a small town that needs workers and start a new life.

  4. Many years ago, there was a young man who was homeless, lived in the streets of Harlem N.Y. He had nothing and nowhere to go. He tried to enroll in several schools but was told that he needed a home address to do so. He didn't let frustration overwhelm him and he thought of a way to solve the home address problem. He located an abandoned and dilapidated building and used that address as his own. He would then wait in front of the building each day to receive his mail from the mail man. Soon he was able to improve his life. This is the United States. There are many ways to overcome difficult times if we are determined. If one is healthy, has his eyesight ands is willing and able to get out of the dumps, he can. Stop blaming the government for not providing affordable housing or whatever. First thing that needs to be done is to stop feeling sorry for oneself. I know. I was once in a bad situation. Had nothing. No home. No car etc. but I kept it moving.

  5. This is ridiculous o can't even buy groceries and I'm Disabled I get no benefits there is nowhere like this they should pay to park there car somewhere like a storage unit I'd move j live in Mississippi our minimum wage is 7.50thats abysmal and eggs are almost 4.00thats total bs Joe Biden's American Nightmare

  6. I hope that the news or a program to help this family into apartment or house. So sad and heartbreaking This should NOT happen to anyone. Do they have public assistance to help get them in a apartment or house. praying for all families and homeless people. That family that got that apartment why cant the other family apply at that place?/

  7. It is really quite simply either adapt to rising costs of living by learning high paid skills such as trades or in STEM. If you cannot keep up with those who do have high paid skills they should leave.

  8. Damn. I feel you brother. Am out here in Seattle with 2 bedroom 2,300$ a month's , and am making 18$ an hours . Sometimes I'll get 4-5 hours of sleep cause I gotta make lots of overtimes at work.

    Am a father's of two beautiful beautiful girls. And babymama works full-time housewife.

  9. The way to get rid of homelessness to solve the problem for tens of thousands is to allow them to move in the homes that were built for them by the government counties. Someone or some people allowed foreign elderly families move in to these apartment homes that were supposed to belong to the people of this County and now we have an overwhelmingly homeless problem and these apartments go buy people's income tens of thousands in the Bay area Northern California have been taking by Asian people that were born somewhere else and they're older they're not from here how did that happen. office personnel that's how it happened

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