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Lieutenant Defends Citizen From Lying Cops


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Date: September 16, 2022

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27 thoughts on “Lieutenant Defends Citizen From Lying Cops

  1. Now this is ridiculous, why fucking go around looking for trouble. There are so many places where one can go and take pictures or make video but nooooo this jerk has to go walk between cop car looking all sus 🤨. This is getting too old.
    Law is law and everyone should obey but provoking police officers for no reason is just as bad as breaking the law. Bad apples are on both sides and you (youtuber) sir are a rotten apple.

  2. What is the POINT of these stupid antagonizing “audits”? It’s always the same thing. I can imagine all of the “auditors” gathering around for a circle jerk while scheming their next “gotcha” audit.

  3. Reasonable officer, I think that is akin to finding a pink unicorn with blue stripes yellow wings a green nose that pisses lemonade and shits strawberry frozen yogurt. I have run across a few audits with decent officers and even fewer with good officers but reasonable is not a word I would use to describe the paranoid put another notch in my belt attitude and mental state of most if not all police officers. They want to fill their ticket quota, another arrest notch in their belt to get promoted, do something goofy so they can laugh about it behind the scenes, anything to pump up their already ridiculous ego and feed their narcissism but on extremely rare occasion have I ever heard an officer sound act or speak as a reasonable person.

  4. I think this is a firm example where officers could have done something different and understanding to solve this. If one of the officers instead had introduced them self and strolled with the man to just be sure that he isnt misunderstood as he films as well as take the time to learn more of the reason behind why he was making sure they were getting good tires and more, would have made this story 20x different. As well as if they took the time to address him more respectfully and humanly, not humanely, less like robots, they may have been able to address the problem more like the last officer did.

    Just because you are a rep of the law, does not mean your human side has to hide behind the badge. Putting your self in the shoes of the man while you question them and explaining things clearly and not forcefully can improve the relation in the event. I can understand why it would seem odd and almost criminal for someone to be randomly checking out a police squad car. So the man filming i felt was a bit forceful and less understanding on the fact that they felt something was wrong. Though it is your right to not give your name or info, I see no harm in introducing your self if your claim of peace and law bidding is truth. Officers often look at how you reply to make sure you are friendly and how you present your self. Showing your self to be someone who says, "I can go where i want cause its public" gives the officer the wrong impression of your intentions and leads them to believe, (as i also tend to believe) that your just an ass.

    There is nothing wrong with being an ass, but it can hinder you from making a better and safe connection with ppl who also want well for you. Make no mistake, most officers do not want to do you harm. There are the select few bad cops in the world, but not one officer in this video wanted harm to anyone and just wanted all parties to be safe and free of harmful results.

    That said, being around a squad car and not being a cop can cause officers to fear damages or worse to the cars as they use them to respond to those in need. Its understandable that these officers would be worried, as of today's news, its often officers are attacked or even harmed while just doing thier job. Note i say its often news, as news does not often display positive outlook on things as its not so interesting to the public. The news often only covers drama topics, such as police brutalities, and police being attacked. This is common only cause the more common events of police officers and ppl getting along will not grant ratings, and is often determined boring in the public eye.

    The officers i have met over the years have all been fair, respectful, kind, yet maintain an awareness of my rites and even theirs. These officers are a few roll models of how the system could work if it wasn't damaged as it is today.

  5. If I was Marsh, I would have just watched Press and, if asked why, would have asked, “Wouldn’t you watch if someone was taking video into your car?” I mean it is suspicious behavior, and he did it to provoke suspicion and hoped for the confrontation he received. It may not be suspicious on a level that rises to suspicion of criminal activity, but it should at least prompt curiosity.

    With the rise in police officer assassinations, I don’t blame the police for being suspicious of people looking in their cars.

    I think Press is a jerk who got exactly what he wanted. I think Marsh overstepped.

  6. Yeah….while the first guy didn't do anything wrong and the cop was indeed lying, the auditor was looking for an argument and was ready to film it. Similar to paparazzi acting within the law, but being extremely annoying, just to get a rise out of who they're targeting. That being said, any officer should still keep a calm demeaner and act professionally so the auditor doesn't get the reaction he wants.

  7. I feel like a lot of these “auditors” would have less problems if they weren’t such dickheads and so stand-offish. Regardless of the reasons or people involved, you’re going to run into resistance when you are shady and difficult to the people talking to you.

  8. I’ve watched many of your videos and I have learned that the US law is just all in the gray area, nothing is clear, or maybe your videos make them look bad idk.

  9. what do you EXPECT to happen tho lets be real, you ARE recording patrol vehicles xD even if it's legal if you had someone on your driveway recording and looking under and around all your cars would you be like "yeah come on in take a look, idc if i don't know you" hell no you'd ask why you're there.

  10. When detained without reasonable articulable suspicion are we required to answer all questions and aid the officer in their investigation to figure out if we are committing a crime have committed a crime or are about to commit a crime don’t we have the legal right to stay silent and if we do can we be charged with obstructing an investigation

  11. That citizen was asking for trouble tho. Like actively looking for it. He should get an F for nonsense that was meant to cause an issue and would make anyone suspicious

  12. For a non-american its really odd to see how idiots like this one go to places and do actions that deliberately have no other reason than filming himself "fighting the system" and "fighting for his consitutional rights" while provocating people like policemen or seecurity guards. Feeling great, huh? Showed them again how powerful you are? Do some americans are out of real world problems? How about going to work or doing something productive?

  13. Wow such a crock of sh*t right here. All of the Cops told him he was free to go, once detention was mentioned but then was told he could go. He gets a B?!?! Not only did he display a Fundamental lack of understanding of RAS (as ATA has stated in previous vids, they do not need to tell him what the RAS was, they just need to have it). He also displayed a Fundamental lack of understanding of trespass Laws. There is a difference in a space for public and a space where public are permitted to be in. The car park is a space where there is implied consent for "customers" of the Police (eg people with actual business), not someone who has nothing better to do than go around harassing people trying to do their jobs. These people are why Police take long time to respond to non-emergency reports, they'll probably have had about an hours worth of paperwork to fill out because of this idiot.

    Here's my grades

    Female Officer – B – she was polite in her initial contact but when the frauditor escalated and started name calling she responded otherwise would've been an A.

    Male Officer – A remained friendly and polite all the way through.

    Sargent – B- – He reacted when the idiot got huffy and could've done more to de-escalate but hey we're all human.

    Lt A+ – For the reasons ATA said

    Idiot (Mr Press) – D – I thought long and hard about this grade. While he displayed a complete lack of knowledge in some areas he was fine with the 1st amendment stuff. While his demeanour escalated slightly during the encounter, it didn't escalate too much. I feel that the positives of this encounter mean that an grade F or E wouldn't justifiable, a D would be because of the lack of knowledge shown.

    While there are some videos that ATA have posted that are very justifiable down grading the police, it seems that these are auditing the audit itself. But auditing the police interaction…. remembering most are intentionally initiated by the "auditors" this seems a little unfair.

  14. My first question is why is this guy filming police vehicles and starting this situation in order to make them look stupid? Normal people don't walk around in police areas and then take photos of their cars unless they are looking for trouble. Not their fault for doing their job.

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