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Living Cars: Driving with Dia Mirza


Catch Khurafati Nitin anchoring the NewsX TV show Living Cars. This week watch char guna char off road car challenge, driving with Dia Mirza, India gears up for F1, Hyundai EON launched in India and many more only at Living Cars.


Date: September 18, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Living Cars: Driving with Dia Mirza

  1. When did Dia went commercial on cars?? Please stop talking about 'mileage' here. i am sick of the word when Indian cars are mention..Kitne mileage dia hai? was the first counteract. Buy a car only when you forget to care the mileage only.

  2. @Krazyisthebest
    We've been to Europe for honeymoon 😉 n other continents too. Also went to Punjab n had enough Makki Di Roti n Sarso Da Saag at all d Dhabba (cuz all Punjabi Dhabba guys knows us pretty well… ya know). So whatever ur plans for taking her is already history one :/ more time. Sorry for the bad luck man – kuchu kuchu kuchu gili gili gili

  3. @Krazyisthebest
    But dats just history now bro. For now u got no choice except watching me n her dining out in B'bay restaurants. Try ur best next time – Wish u good luck =|:o)

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