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Living Cars Ep#16 Rural Riches


Who says it's the Urban class that drives these fancy cars well the people in rural India wants and owns them to. While you drive these cars to office they drive it their fields.


Date: September 17, 2022

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31 thoughts on “Living Cars Ep#16 Rural Riches

  1. aditya pant… dude u r right…. tell these people to come to mumbai….
    we'll show them the cars we have here…….
    my neighbour owns an ASTON MARTIN….!!!

  2. Chandigarh is Beamer city with maximum number of luxury cars within a diameter of just 15 KM…..where is the money flowing from?? So Many Mercs,BMW,Audis, Porsche …

  3. first of all, I told you to stick your attitude up your posterior, not your nose! So much for your English. my comment is not withheld, just scroll down and read what I wrote. Secondly, being proud of my mother tongue Punjabi is not snobbish, looking down at others is snobbish. I'm openly proud of being a Punjabi and whoever wishes to judge me on the basis of some other language can take a hike! As for "the land not being "ours"", the chips you carry on your shoulders are quite visible now.

  4. 3/3 todays youth of Punjab is addicted to heroin and the fields are baring a deserted look! No one to till the land and no one to assume the duty that lies in the hands of each Punjab resident! My point here being that its not jealousy its a genuine concern that a land which gives so much to India and the world in every aspect has been reduced to so much less and perhaps this would be a nail in its coffin. That said…. whew… its a Mercedes not a Merceddi.

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