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Living Cars : Test drive – Jaguar XE


For Jaguar in India, it hasn’t been easy to impress the luxury sedan buyer despite having an impressive collection of cars like the XF and the XJ among others. The fact that Jaguar has one of the most respected design heads in the automobile world reflects a lot in their cars, and the story is no different on the XE. In terms of design the XE has the lines and the cuts to make it look appealing and create a space for itself in the segment.

It does remind you of the more premium XF from certain angles and therefore looks every bit as part of a larger family. But it does have its individual characteristics as well and that includes things like the attractive bulge in the bonnet, the signature single frame mesh grille as well as LED DRLs. From the rear as well the lines and cuts ensure appealing looks but the story doesn’t end there as there as these design cues also help make the car aerodynamically better. Shams Naqvi gets behind the wheels of the Jaguar XE.

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Date: September 19, 2022

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