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Living In A Car To Save Money | How I Did It & Complete Guide


This is a comprehensive guide on how to start living in a car. It really isn't as bad as you may think as long as you have a good plan. I lived in a van in San Francisco for almost the entirety of 2019 and I draw a lot of my experience from my time there.

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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – City Van Life
1:07- Stealth Factor
2:45 – How to Find Parking
4:43 – What's for dinner?
6:06- Working in a Post-COVID World
7:34 – Mailing Address
8:50 – Too Hot! Too Cold!
12:06- Be a Regular
12:53 – A Happy Inconvenience
13:59 – Community
15:39 – Conclusion



Date: September 15, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Living In A Car To Save Money | How I Did It & Complete Guide

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  2. I hope you get to a better place when you are in your 40s. Otherwise, it's not worth it.
    And, CA is not the only place in the country. For affordability, consider Nebraska or Wyoming. No tint is needed, hardly any population.

  3. This gives me so much helpful information! I can't wait to do this. Made me consider stealth city camping as more of an option. Thank you! Also, your video was so beautiful with great attention of detail down to providing the celsius conversion! Thanks so much- SUBSCRIBED!

  4. This is not new you don't even need a vehicle to do this, in fact the most "successful" ppl did this before they became wealthy and ppl like Elon Musk are still doing somewhat this like him being worth trillions but him living in a 50,000 house. Also one of Elon Musk goal is to find a way for ppl to live without housing.

  5. If you are able to boil water then a really good way to keep warm on a cold night is to fill a hot water bottle and put it inside your sleep system about 30 minutes before you go to bed. Put a fleece cover on it and it'll keep you warm until morning. Propane heaters on the other hand are a really bad idea. Carbon monoxide poisoning, the risk of fire, and condensation dripping off the ceiling are all reasons to avoid them.

  6. Most of this vehicle/ van life thing is actually appealing, seems manageable and convenient in a lot of way. Except it is hard to find clean and decent laundry mats. Also I guess when it comes to f*cking one should get a hotel on occasion or a lover(s) with an apartment or house. Easy peezy fresh and sqeezy.

  7. It’s very sad that you’re trying to normalize this: living in car equals severe Back problems, Severe Sleep Problems and insomnia, stomach problems, huge social stress and anxiety There’s Nothing doable about it! And if a person is older with health problems in their 50s it’s a non starter you can’t cook meals either or store healthy food like salad and milk and meat etc( it might decrease the stress on your bank account to keep the car up etc though; why are some people so rich and don’t give a f about us poor people ? It speaks volumes to the lack of doable jobs in our world right now too (you have to be a fn rocket scientist to get a job these days).,And why do you have to take public transit if you can drive to the job in the van(and maybe ask the boss if he’ll let you sleep in the company parking lot: that is if the boss has any humanity at all??!!)

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