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Living in my car | 6 things I’ve learned

Date: September 16, 2022

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41 thoughts on “Living in my car | 6 things I’ve learned

  1. I also use black construction paper for the little gaps that my window covers don't cover. Either tape it to the window or just wedge the paper behind the window cover where the gap is until it stays put. Total black out, with no light coming in or out.

  2. I like to park at an apartment complex.. preferably one that is gated and has security. I either tag behind a resident coming in if I can.. or just tell security I'm uber eats with a delivery. Then I go and try to find a guest parking space. Its discreet and makes me feel safe, and there's little chance of being towed if I'm in guest parking.

  3. This young woman has the right attitude and will be successful in her car nomad life. In time, she will meet others like her, other young woman doing the same thing and trade personal stories, tips and tricks with each other. I think this car-van-RV-etc nomad living has become an entire movement that’s been building bigger as the economy gets more and more expensive for the poor and middle class to survive in. And it’s not going to go away. While the President and his administration keep saying that the economy is still good, lots of jobs have been created, etc etc, the reality on the ground of this country’s cities and towns for a lot of ordinary people is that they can no longer afford housing of any kind and are forced to do what this woman is doing. I’m in the same predicament facing a big rent hike for my apartment in the northeast. As I watch these kinds of YouTube videos, they are inspiring but scary for me to think I might end up having to do this if forced to. For now, I’m staying in my apartment for as long as I can afford it, mainly because of my job (if they ever found out), my relatives who insist that I don’t do this for my own safety, and because I’m too chicken. 😆

  4. Go to a sports store and buy national park pass for a year, for like 100 bucks. Even if it has expired 🙂 Its nicer, kinda, the ones with fast moving waters, far away from everything though. Alibaba beds, Tatami, Red Rolls. Little carpentry, adjust and remake until its perfect, some geometry and algebra, you could use just cloth, and a pizza wheel? Magnets, Centered suction cups, orrrr maybe even all three, but your the carpenter, so, have fun 🙂

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  6. In my opinion truck stops and rest stops are not safe places you hear about people getting attacked and murdered in those places all over the news all the time I would not stay in the truck stop or rest stop overnight shady ppl hang around those places.. truck stops are notorious for hookers trying to "catch a date" with truck drivers and (some) truck drivers can be shady or creepy around young girls too. My dad was a professional big rig long haul truck driver and I've heard all the stories and seen too many things on the news I just don't think truck and rest stops are safe.

  7. Thank you for your video and being open and real as far as you wanted to share. Keep going and know that you’re not alone in your life living right now. Happiest Birthday 🎂🥳🎈

  8. What do you do during the day? Because you can't drive all day because of gas cost. You have to do something when you aren't sleeping. And without having a shelter, and during the heat then you have to work that out. But maybe your part time gig might only be 2 or 3 hours.

  9. Having worked at hospitals for 40 years, parking lots are not safe, security is often so limited. Also hospitals are usually built in neighborhoods with low cost land.

  10. I have done nomadic living for four years. I have learned about a lot of areas you can sleep. My favorite places were the truck stops and rest areas. However, you need to be careful of rest stops as some of them are hangouts of drug trafficking. Actually, there are a few rest stops that will not allow you to sleep overnight and I think they are the ones that have the drug problem. I am right now in a sticks and bricks but I foresee me having to go nomadic again. Since I have to stay stationary for a while, I recently found out about overnight sleeping parking areas for the homeless. I don't know if they will allow anyone who needs overnight shelter, but if they only have it available to the residents of the city I would park just outside the area for protection.

  11. Girl…I am going to do this while I still can. I've already traveled by myself a lot but staying in hotels…frim what I've seen it might actually be safer than staying in a big city. As long as I can make enough to continue I'm going to travel as much as I can…thanks fir sharing your experience.

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