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living in my car: an average day


This is a practice vlog ok I promise I’ll get better :)) anyway, this is an average day for me living in my car on the road! I’m gonna do another one of me living in the city probably hopefully most likely 😄 ps the bath wipes were not sufficient…lol


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Date: September 15, 2022

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25 thoughts on “living in my car: an average day

  1. Not to be a cliché here but I'm also jealous. I am an emotionally sensitive person so I need to prepare emotionally and mentally for this. I have found that I am happy at the job I currently work at but to get what society considers the norm…I'd have to take up a 12 hour shift job in a factory or something. I don't want to sacrifice my happiness for what society claims is "right". I just want my life to be the way I want it to be. I don't have much I want to put in my van actually (currently living in a small Jamco shed I converted myself right next to my dad's house) but need to be on my own. I turn 23 this year and don't want to join the rat race. I love my current job and my coworkers are kind and helpful. They're on board with this idea of living and even offered to help me out. Why would I sacrifice such a good moment of my life to join the rat race? I just need a car and I'm good. I already bought all I need besides a propane stove.

    A little note on car/van life, it may seem frivolous (since room is essential in this life), but a Bluetooth speaker and positive music does a lot. A good song that lifts your spirits is one of many tools you can use (plus it's free of you use a YouTube to mp3 converter like I do).

    Ma'am…if you ever have a bad day, give Sweet Time by Porter Robinson a try. It lifts my spirits on bad days.

  2. I lived in my car for year. I became sick and lost everything I had. No one new and I maintained the same image in the public eyes. I now have a nice home and job. I also saved alot money. I respect your bravery to makes these videos. Be blessed!

  3. I loved this. I'd love more vlog like vids. My roommate is moving, and if can't afford this apartment alone. Decided to move to Seattle where my best friend is. But instead of spending the little money I have on rent, I think I'm going to live in my car, at least until I can find a job. Your videos are very inspirational. I really want to be more free, and this makes me feel like it's possible. I'm 38 and basically for the first time exploring the world around me.

  4. i live in my SUV working full time in Denver, CO by choice but just wanted to say your videos are so funny and addictive! lol if you're ever in the Denver/Colorado area hmu and we can check out some killer spots

  5. I got a apartment and a car but my job&school is 50 minutes away from my apartment.. I only have 2-3 hours for a “nap” 3 days a week…Im ready to start sleeping in my car 😂 I need sleep!

  6. Lol 😂, ey get a decent water holder 20+ L’s and a canvas shower bag u can set em up stealth n always get cleannnn n saves $ on baby wipes, my biggest thing is safety and hygiene out here cause if u lack either your fucked lol sorry to be blunt people. Yo anyone looking to join this life DO IT! Leave it behind drive off. Just don’t blow your transmission the moment u leave and get stuck in one spot lols ….

  7. My mom is unstable and very emotionaly and physicaly abusive but her dad gave her her fist car and she wants to do the same for me. It's not that I don't love her but as soon as I turn 18 it's car life.

  8. Hello i have just started living in my car. Im scared but i know God will provide for me. I am also saving money to buy a gopro camera and start my own channel. See you soon!🙏

  9. I'm really considering doing this for a while but I'm trying to find a way to make money to support myself. If could switch Uber regions whenever I want that would be ideal. But I'll wait til the time is right I guess. Stay safe out there love. 💪🏾

  10. I mean if you wanted to b my girlfriend and drive to Indiana we could hang out here at my brothers and then we could do whatever you wanted I’d love to just travel with you I don’t eat anything really and I’m quiet and I don’t stink or any of that shit I think we would have so much fun to should message me it would make me happy I’m always alone in this van day in day out I do walk around but the police try to fuck with me so I try to stay in the van mostly

  11. Man I’m so glad you got your van I been living in one in the middle of winter it is broken down but I got used to being cold as fuck and sleeping through it i wish you was my girlfriend and I wish I could live with you in your van

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